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Monday, 27 February 2017 21:27

Mudbash 2017: Kick it up a notch!

9th to 12th June 2017

Mafeking Rover Park, Caveat, Victoria

Mudbash is back again for another year of high speed, mud covered racing. But that’s not where the fun ends. There will be entertainment Saturday and Sunday night after the night tracks are finished, onsite activities throughout the event, including a pub tour and a gourmet tour. Open day will be back again with a range of attractions on the Sunday.

Mudbash Working Bees

Mudbash working bees are coming up. These are essential for racing crews to get man days for racing at Mudbash, but are also a great opportunity to get involved in Mudbash and a give a helping hand.

The dates are as follows:


March: 24th - 26th

April: 7th - 9th

May: 19th - 21st


June: 23rd - 25th

July: 14th - 16th