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Monday, 18 February 2013 15:58

Rovers Greatest Adventure Won by Victorian

The latest winner of Rovers Greatest Adventure is Victorian Rover, Lachlan Preston from Kulin Rover Crew

Lachlan won the 2012 Rovers Greatest Adventure for his charity bike ride from Sydney to Melbourne.

Do you have an old bike sitting in the garage collecting dust?

Have you upgraded or outgrown a bike and no longer have a need for it?

Whilst an old bike mightn’t mean much to you, it can mean the world to someone in a developing country. Access to a bicycle can change the lives of remote communities giving them access to other towns, medical supplies and many other opportunities. “Bicycles for Humanity” is a simple grassroots organisation of volunteers that aims to make a life changing difference in poor countries through improving basic mobility. A bicycle enables easier access to education, health care, the wider community and other resources such as water. This organisation ships old and disused bikes overseas where they are utilised as transport for health workers, teachers and community members.

Therefore we as a team of Rover Scouts and friends rode from Sydney to Melbourne to help raise funds and collect bikes for Bicycles for Humanity. Whilst I initially was interested in the BP Award, I quickly saw the trip as a practical way of supporting those less fortunate to gain independence and self sufficiency through bicycle ownership. Over 11 days of riding, our team will coverered nearly 1200km, raising money and collecting old bicycles to assist “Bicycles for Humanity” along the way. The Bicycles for Humanity organisation is entirely volunteer run and as such is dependent on donations and fundraising efforts such as this journey to be able to continue their work. We managed to collect almost 40 bicycles and around $2500 by our efforts with the trip.

You can read his full report by downloading the attachment at the bottom.


Interested in entering the 2013 Rovers Greatest Adventure? Then heres some information you need to know:

First: With a team of at least four Rovers, go on an adventure
(journey, adventurous activity). Your Entry for Rovering's greatest adventure CAN be used as your BP ramble.
Then: Submit a report of some sort (could be written, may be a video or powerpoint).

Also provide:
- A one-page summary of the activity
- Some form of media coverage (e.g. local newspaper article)
(The activity must have taken place between 1st November 2012 & 31st October 2013)

The best entry deemed to be Rovering's Greatest Adventure for 2013 will be awarded prize money of $1,000.

Closing Date:
30th November, 2013

Winners will be notified following the NRC Meeting in January 2014.

Send your entry to:

Roverings Greatest Adventure
c/o Alison Maynard
Level 1, Scouts Australia House, 8 Help Street
NSW 2067

Contact: Alison Maynard, Vice Chairman, National Rover Council
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rovers Greatest Adventure - Rovers Australia Page

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