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CAMS Personal Accident Insurance – What you should know

CAMSThe following information has been provided by CAMS and operates separately from other Scout insurance policies and is provided to assist you in the event of a claim related to participation in motor sport at a CAMS sanctioned event, such as Mudbash, Lead Foot Challenge or Junior Development Program.

CAMS offers a comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance scheme which is available to competitors, crew members and officials who may be injured as a result of an incident during a motor sport event in which they are participating.

The benefits to members are available to view at http://www.cams.com.au/en/About/Insurance.aspx.

It is worthwhile however touching on the basics of the cover on offer and the manner in which those compensatory amounts identified may be able to be accessed.

Firstly, it is important to identify who is covered under the policy.

The policy provides benefits to drivers and co-drivers in any CAMS sanctioned event in which they are competing, irrespective of the type of event or the status, provided that a permit has been issued for that event. This also includes CAMS authorised private practice and test sessions at race circuits and for practice activities in which a CAMS permit has been issued - for example, rally practice sessions.

Likewise, members of pit crews and service crews are included in the policy. It is important for all pit and service crews to be registered with the event organiser before the commencement of the competition. Competitors are registered through their completion of the entry form for the event.

Insurance cover also extends to authorised officials of any event for which a CAMS permit has been issued. Once more, in order that all officials are registered, they must be either noted in the Supplementary or Further Regulations for an event or must be registered with the organisers and 'sign on' before their duties for the event have commenced.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being injured in a CAMS sanctioned event and wish to lodge a claim on the Personal Accident Insurance policy, please ask yourself the following general questions:

  • Have I been transported by an ambulance service?
  • Have I received major injuries which will cause me a permanent disability?
  • Am I a competitor or crew member and have I received injures which will cause me to not be able to perform my normal work duties for more than seven (7) working days?
  • Am I an official and have I received injures which will cause me to not be able to perform my normal work duties for one (1) day or more?
  • Have I received medical treatment which is not claimable (in part or whole) through Medicare?

If the answer to any one of these is 'yes' then you may be entitled to claim under the policy.

In this case you should contact the CAMS National Office. We will then obtain details of your injury and verify it through the event injury reporting process which is applicable to all CAMS events and forward to you a claim form.

You will then be required to complete the claim form and all dealings will then be with our appointed insurance brokers, OAMPS.

There are however, a few things which are important to remember.

If you are taken to Hospital you will be asked "Is this injury covered by insurance?" or such similar question. You (or your carer, as may be appropriate at the time) must be very specific and advise the hospital that the injury is NOT a workers compensation injury and that you are a public patient (or a private patient if you have private health care).

If you advise the hospital the injury is "covered by CAMS insurance" they will almost certainly automatically bill CAMS – and we will be then obliged to send the bill back to you, which may be a bit of a shock!

If the medical condition which resulted in you commencing a claim was not as a direct result of a verified incident at a motor sport event, there will be no claim allowed on the policy. We have had instances where people have suffered from heart conditions and went to the Medical Centre at the event and were transported by helicopter to hospital believing that the CAMS insurance would provide cover, only to find out that they could not make a claim. That was a $4,500 mistake.

Likewise, injures sustained by drivers and crew members as a result of the nature of the competition are not allowable claims. Instances here include back injury from continual high speed travel over jumps in off road events and skin irritation burns from petrol leaking onto a drivers clothing and the consequent reaction on his skin, over a long period, when the leak was not caused by an identified incident.

The other important issue is to ensure that your injury is reported and recorded. This can be very important in rallies where officials may be injured as a result of a fall or other action associated with the duties he/she is expected to perform. The report must be advised to a senior official who will then pass it onto the Secretary of the Meeting and the Stewards for verification.

In many cases, if you are injured to such an extent that it is likely that you will lodge a claim form, you may receive a phone call from CAMS staff enquiring as to your heath and well being. This is an opportunity for CAMS to discuss the circumstances of the incident and your injury and if necessary to suggest further treatment possibilities and of course to assist you with your claim, should you choose to make one.

It's also worth remembering that the insurance scheme is a reimbursement policy - that is you are required to pay for your own bills and invoices and then claim them back from the insurers. CAMS is not in a position to pay for your ambulance, hospital or other medical related accounts. They must be first settled by you, and claimed back from the insurers. So don’t loose those receipts!

The CAMS Personal Accident Insurance Scheme is in place to assist those who need it. It is not a total compensation process and is not designed to be a income replacement scheme. But in the cases where it is needed, it may just help out that little bit to make things a bit more bearable.

For further information, contact your State Manager or Bruce Keys at CAMS National Office This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .