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If you would like to attend a training course or would like more information, please fill in the form below and the Rover Training Team will be in contact with you shortly.
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Upcoming Rover Training Opportunities

Course CodeNameRegionApplications CloseCourse StartDurationFee
105102ROVER ADVANCED PRACTICALGILWELL PARK21-04-201713-05-20172 days$150.00
105179ROVER ADVANCED PRACTICALPAX HILL20-10-201711-11-20172 days$150.00
105104ROVER BASIC PRACTICAL GILWELL PARK21-04-201713-05-20172 days$100.00
105147ROVER BASIC PRACTICAL VICTORIAN ROVER CENTRE16-06-201708-07-20172 days$100.00
105180ROVER BASIC PRACTICAL PAX HILL20-10-201711-11-20172 days$100.00
105116PROVIDE FIRST AIDBR ACTYTRAINING CENTRE31-03-201722-04-20172 days$80.00
105276PROVIDE FIRST AIDECHUCA14-04-201706-05-20171 days$80.00
105315PROVIDE FIRST AIDSEAFORD23-04-201707-05-20171 days$80.00
105265PROVIDE FIRST AIDWERRIBEE05-05-201727-05-20172 days$80.00
105137PROVIDE FIRST AIDBR ACTYTRAINING CENTRE22-05-201703-06-20172 days$80.00
105139PROVIDE FIRST AIDLEONGATHA24-05-201717-06-20172 days$80.00
105202PROVIDE FIRST AIDMORNINGTON PENINSULA DISTRICT30-06-201723-07-20171 days$80.00
105141PROVIDE FIRST AIDESSENDON14-07-201729-07-20172 days$80.00
105305PROVIDE FIRST AIDBR ACTYTRAINING CENTRE15-07-201706-08-20171 days$80.00
105191PROVIDE FIRST AIDWARRNAMBOOL21-07-201712-08-20172 days$80.00
105195PROVIDE FIRST AIDESSENDON29-09-201721-10-20172 days$80.00