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Community Development Badge

Community development is all about getting back in touch with your inner Joey Scout and Helping Other People!... and the environment, facilities and anything else.

it is an evolution of of the Old Method A Project Badge and the entire Method B.

Community Development is about you improving your community both practically and culturally. It needs to be a significant and worthwhile project that benefits the community at a local, national or international level.

What is a Project and how can I go about it?

A Project is a planned enterprise designed to achieve an aim.

When you start out on your Community Development journey you should remember these stages:

  • Come up with and develop your ideas
    • Think about the Areas of Personal Growth:
      • Spiritual
      • Physical
      • Intellectual
      • Character
      • Emotional, and
      • Social
    • For Community Development consider:
      • What the end result will look like
      • The resources you require
      • How much time will you need, and
      • Tasks the need to be completed along the way
    • You can always break your project up into smaller goals
    • Consult with your Crew and the BPSA Support Team
    • Make a plan for your project, include:
      • A project plan
      • Timeline
      • Mark out your primary goals
  • Pitch your project ideas
    • Take your project plan
  • Undertake your project
    • Go ahead and start your project
    • Remember to follow your project plan
    • If you start having issues, talk to your Crew of the BPSA Support Team
  • Wrap up your project
    • Finalise all work started
    • check you've achieved your project goals
    • Finalise your report
  • Present your report
    • Present your final project report to your Crew and the BPSA Support Team

What are some examples of Community Development Projects?

  • Incorporate a system of environmentally sustainable living into an organisation or workplace.
    • e.g. water storage capture, renewable energy or recycling etc
  • Work with a community to support the improvement of a significant issue
    • e.g. health, education and community facilities etc
  • Rehabilitate an area of land drawing on the local community to do so
  • Start a young mothers’ group in your local community
  • Start and coach a sporting team to encourage community members to be active
  • Renovating a community building
  • Running a program for St Vincent De Paul

How can I report on my Project?

There are many different ways that you can report on your progress through a project, and also for your final project Report. It doesn't have to be written! there can be many different ways to make a report, consider:

  • Written Report
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Presentation
  • Poster
  • Physical Item
  • Anything that can prove you've done the work.

What every you decide, it is important to come to an agreement with your Crew and the BPSA Support Team before you start to avoid problems later, if its recorded how your going to present, then it cannot be argued later that you can't report in that way.

Transition Arrangements

If you have completed, or made a start on a Method A Project Badge or Method B Badge then you can transfer across to the Community Development Badge, either as a finished product, or for progress towards it. You can only transfer if you Method A or B proposal is relevant and fits the requirements of Community Development.

To find out if your project idea would be appropriate, or for other questions, please email the BPSA Support Team