Personal Growth Badge

Personal Growth is all about you, you and YOU!

it is an evolution of of the Old Method A Project Badge and the entire Method B.

Personal Growth is about new challenges that explore your personal beliefs, challenge your thinking or develop skills. it also needs to be a significant and worthwhile project that challenges and enhances the skills of the Rover Scout.

Just like in the old award, it can either be a new skill you that you develop or a continuation of an existing skill. If you are continuing an existing skill then there must be clear evidence of significant development in that skill or knowledge area.

What is a Project and how can I go about it?

A Project is a planned enterprise designed to achieve an aim.

When you start out on your Physical Development journey you should remember these stages:

  • Come up with and develop your ideas
    • Think about the Areas of Personal Growth:
      • Spiritual
      • Physical
      • Intellectual
      • Character
      • Emotional, and
      • Social
    • For Personal Growth consider:
      • Your objective
      • Your existing skill level
      • The steps you need to take to get there, and
      • How much time you require
    • You can always break your project up into smaller goals
    • Consult with your Crew and the BPSA Support Team
    • Make a plan for your project, include:
      • a project plan
      • timeline
      • mark out your primary goals
  • Pitch your project ideas
    • Take your project plan
  • Undertake your project
    • Go ahead and start your project
    • Remember to follow your project plan
    • If you start having issues, talk to your Crew of the BPSA Support Team
  • Wrap up your project
    • Finalise all work started
    • check you've achieved your project goals
    • Finalise your report
  • Present your report
    • Present your final project report to your Crew and the BPSA Support Team

What are some examples of Personal Growth Projects?

  • Learn to dance 
    • e.g. salsa, ballroom, swing, hip-hop, etc
  • Create and produce a documentary or short film
  • Improve your educational or professional qualifications
  • Learn a language
  • Obtain a Rover Wood Badge
  • Obtain a Certificate III or IV in Outdoor Recreation
  • Develop a skill 
    • e.g. photography, song writing, carpentry, cooking, welding, sewing etc
  • Do something outside of your comfort zone or address a personal fear 
    • e.g. heights, public speaking etc
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Train as counselor for Lifeline/Kids Help Line/Beyond Blue
  • Start a youth group at your local religious centre
  • Develop a health care plan for yourself and do it 
    • e.g. diet, fitness program etc

How can I report on my Project?

There are many different ways that you can report on your progress through a project, and also for your final project Report. It doesn't have to be written! there can be many different ways to make a report, consider:

  • Written Report
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Presentation
  • Poster
  • Physical Item
  • Anything that can prove you've done the work.

What every you decide, it is important to come to an agreement with your Crew and the BPSA Support Team before you start to avoid problems later, if its recorded how your going to present, then it cannot be argued later that you can't report in that way.

Transition Arrangements

If you have completed, or made a start on a Method A Project Badge or Method B Badge then you can transfer across to the Personal Growth Badge, either as a finished product, or for progress towards it. You can only transfer if you Method A or B proposal is relevant and fits the requirements of Personal Growth.

To find out if your project idea would be appropriate, or for other questions, please email the BPSA Support Team