Rover Skills Badge

The Rover Skills badge is designed to encourage active participation in Crew life and contribution to a more effective Rover section.

One of the major aims of this new BP Award to bring the Award back into the Crew Program, and the Rover Skills badge is where the most of this happens.

There are only three requirements, but each one involves a sustained effort to contribute to Rovering.

  • Hold a position of responsibility within the Rover Scout Section for at least 6 months.
  • Camp out using a variety of styles while demonstrating effective campcraft skills for a minimum of six nights, on no fewer than four occasions.
  • Organise, participate in and log at least four activities for the Rover Scout Section each from a different Area of Personal Growth (SPICES).

What is a "Position of Responsibility"?

Well, that really depends on who you are. For an 18 year old it could be a term as Venturer Liaison or Assistant Works & Services at Mudbash, for someone who's been in Rovers for six years, it might be things like Crew Leader, or Head of Activities on the Surfmoot Committee.

It's up to your Crew to make sure that you are undertaking a position that will challenge and develop you.

What are the Areas of Personal Growth?

The National Rover Council has published a bunch of useful documents to help Crews implement the different Areas of Personal Growth, but to be brief, they are:

  • Social
  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Character
  • Emotional, and
  • Spiritual

Every activity that we do in Scouting can be aligned to one of these areas, and we've found that the best Crews are the ones with a program that encompasses all of them.

Transition Arrangements

This badge doesn't really have an equivalent in the current BP Award, so anything that you have done in the 12 months immediately before you transition to the new BP Award may be counted towards this badge.

You can also transition Scoutcraft badge camps, regardless of when they occurred.