Service Badge

The new Service Badge is basically the same as the old Method A Service Badge, it requires a Rover to complete six or more months of regular active service to a worthy cause.

The major change is that service within Rovering, like all other service within Scouting, can now be used for this award.

You must have completed the requirements of the Squire Training badge to commence this Badge.

What is "Service"?

A definition of service for the Rover section was developed during the Rovering Towards 2020 Review.

Service, for Rovers is now defined as: Help that a Rover gives to a person, community or organisation, to further the Rover's development, especially by using Scouting skills, ability or knowledge.

What are some examples of Service external to Scouting?

  • Join the SES/CFA
  • Join Meals on Wheels or St John Ambulance
  • Join Surf Life Saving/Snow Patrol
  • Become an active member of Rotary/Lions/Apex
  • Join your local Landcare group
  • Volunteer at a Drop-­‐in Centre
  • Help out at an Op Shop

Transition Arrangements

You can count any completed a Method A Service Badge, or part there of. If you are working on Method B, talk to the BPSA Support Team to see if any of your completed badges, or badges you're currently working on, could count towards this badge.