Squire Training Badge

In the New Award Scheme, Squire Training has been standardised across Australia. This mean that no matter where you join Rovers in Australia, wether it be Alice Springs, Perth, Launceston, Sydney or in Victoria everyone will know the same skills.

The reason behind this is to remove barriers between members joining or moving between Crews and to try and keep Squire Training relevant to those undertaking it.

Crews may not add their own requirements in addition

  • Technical Skills
    • Knots and Lashings - Learn and demonstrate the following:
      • Reef Knot.
      • Round Turn, Two Half Hitches.
      • Clove Hitch.
      • Bowline.
      • Truckies Hitch.
      • Sheet Bend.
      • Rolling Hitch.
      • Square Lashing.
      • Round Lashing.
    • Navigation - Learn and demonstrate the following:
      • The eight principal points of the compass and their equivalent degrees.
      • The use and care of a compass.
      • The relationship between true and magnetic north.
      • How to set and follow a bearing.
      • How to read a map including scale, legend, grid references and contour lines.
    • Dress, Appearance, Ceremonies and Policies
      • Discuss the importance of and the reasons for having a uniform and the occasions on which it should be worn.
      • Demonstrate and explain when the Scout Salute, Scout Sign and left handshake are used.
      • Demonstrate an understanding of relevant policies (such as those relating to smoking, drugs, alcohol and social media) and where these policies can be found.
      • Understand the preparation and conducting of opening and closing parade.
  • Camp out for at least two nights, showing basic camping skills. (The two nights may be on two separate trips.)
  • Complete 10 hours of service to a worthy cause. (May be inside or outside of Scouting.)
  • Understand the new Rover Award Scheme.
  • Complete the Intro to Rovers eLearning Module, or an Intro to Rovers Seminar.
  • Understand the Scout Promise & Law from a Young Adult perspective.
  • Attend a business meeting at Region or Branch level.
  • Complete a small project for the Crew or its assets (5-10 hours effort.)

When the above requirements are complete, the Rover should be presented with their Squire Training badge at the next appropriate ceremony, and congratulated in starting their journey towards the Baden Powell Scout Award.

The Crew may choose to also assist the Rover in undertaking a self reflection on the Promise & Law before they become a Fully Invested Rover Knight in our Open Air Fellowship of Service.

What is a Small Project?

The small project, is not designed to hamper the ability for a new Rover to complete their pre-investiture training but rather, to be inclusive for the member and work together with their fellow Crew members. Projects may require part organisation by the Rover and in this situation it would be expected that the members of the Rover Crew and especially the Sponsor would work together to help organise the project.

By helping clean up or paint your Crew Den, repairing Crew equipment, or making something useful for your Crew, you will add something personal to your Crew and show through your actions your commitment to the Crew.

Crews should understand that this requirement is personal to the Squire — the Crew should be thankful for their contribution and should not have any predetermined requirements

Does my Crew need to buy every new member their own copy of the Rover Record Book?

We have created a template you can use to measure the progress of Crewmembers through Squire Training if your Crew doesn't want to buy each member their own Rover Record Book.

Transition Arrangements

All Rovers who have completed their Crew's existing Squire Training program and the old Rover Skills badge will be automatically transitioned to the new Squire Training badge.

If a Squire only has one or two items left to complete, they may be better off remaining on your current system, and then transitioning to the new BP Award, being awarded the Squire Training Badge as a Invested Rover.

In Victoria, we have decided that Squires completing legacy Squire Training programs must complete them before July 1st 2014. Anyone still working on their Squire Training after that date must move to the new National system.