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Corrections to Rover Scout Record Book

As we are made aware of errors in the Rover Scout Record Book will will note them on this page


1st Edition

Page 30 - Physical Badge

Examples for Option 2 state: "four-wheel-drive to Cape York"

4WDing is not an acceptable method of Physical Journey


Page 35 - Community Development

In signature area where it states: "Physical Activity Accepted by Rover Crew"

It should read: "Discussion with Baden-Powell Scout Award Support Team"


Page 41 - The Baden-Powell Scout Award

It states: "Region Rover Council endorsement (if appropriate)"

It should read: "Region Rover Council noted (if appropriate)"


Page 41 - The Baden-Powell Scout Award

Under the line "Baden-Powell Scout Award granted"

It states: "Branch Rover Council Chairman"

It should read: "Chief Commissioner"


2nd Edition

Page 0

No Errors yet identified