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State Commissioner's Award Recipients

The State Commissioner's Award (formerly theĀ Branch Commissioner's Award) is an award given by the State Commissioner - Rover Scouts to recognise something extraordinary that a Rover has done in the past year.

Full details of the award can be found here.

The following people have been awarded the State Commissioner's Award:


Jadine MacCuaig

Matthew Ellis

Kurll's Own Rover Crew

Ivan Stevens Rover Crew


Elizabeth Adams

Caitlin Wood

Ria Warrah Rover Crew

John Gardiner Rover Crew

2015 Amy Lampugnani Carlton Rover Crew
2014 Bryce Gibson John Gardiner Rover Crew
2013 Leah Gottschalk
Tim Druce
Hec Sebire Rover Crew
Gaudion Rover Crew
2012 Jess Blakeley Ogilvy Rover Crew
2011 Evan Anderson Ettamogah Rover Crew
2010 Ryan Tofts Ranelagh Rover Crew
2009 David Costanzo
Felipe Jeges
Wiara Rover Crew
Wiara Rover Crew
2008 Vincent Dinh Rover Advisor, Tran Van Khac Rover Crew