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Monday, 22 February 2016 09:38

A Fresh Start for Rover Training

Over the past two weekends, the dedicated team at Rover Training Victoria has been busy getting things ready for the new year.

Last fortnight saw the state Training Team conference — including the investiture of Helen Mortimer from Mt Evelyn Rover Crew and the recently-Booted Morris Orchard as "Three-beader" Assistant Leader Trainers. They are the youngest members yet appointed to the National Training Team from Victoria, and join Sue Tanck (RA at Doutagalla Rover Crew) and Jody Freeman (State Commissioner - Rovers) as part of our talented team of training course leaders.

The state Training Team conference is held twice a year, and is an important channel of communication between the Rover section trainers, our colleagues in the other sections and the state and national training commissioners.

We spent last weekend working to re-write our training courses for the new year so that they are more relatable for all Rovers, involve less time "chalking and talking" with more time sharing and working with your fellow participants, and more useful back in your everyday life in your Crew, Region, Subcommittee or State role. We went back to the drawing board, and started working out new, hands-on ways to present all of our courses.

Our Rover Basic Practical course has the theme of a Crew activity weekend — starting with making the plan for the activity at the den, before moving outside to do a range of hands-on activities, before returning to review how everything worked and what you can improve for the next Crew activity.

The Basic course is the place to learn about everything that you need to run an excellent Crew program and be a really great Rover — skills that are applicable at all levels of the Rover management structure.

The Rover Basic Outdoors course will be a real hands-on experience, and you'll learn all about how to lead your Crew in running an adventurous program. Plus you'll get to do a real hike!

The Rover Advanced Practical course is themed around the idea of the "Crew Exec planning retreat". Unfortunately, your Course Crew has a lot of problems to work through... but you'll have plenty of help to get back on track!

The Advanced course is our leadership master class, with three areas of focus: Self and Others, which is all about how to get the best from yourself and from those around you; Environment and Relationships where we look at the people and places that you will be leading; and Extend Yourself, with lots of ideas on how you can lead by example and look out for yourself. All of these sessions will be delivered with a strong Rover flavour, and they will set you up with everything you need to know to be a leader in the Rover section — and in everyday life.

We would love for you to come along and be a part of the very first time we run these courses as a part of May Training Madness. Check out this page to find out about the Basic Practical or this page for info on the Advanced Practical — both courses will be run the weekend of April 29 to May 1. The first Rover Basic Outdoors course is scheduled for two weeks later, May 14th and 15th, and more info will be released soon.

If anyone out there is interested in finding out about helping to run these training courses, get in touch with the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .