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Sunday, 11 February 2018 14:33

Appointment of Leader Trainer - Rovers

The appointment of Sue Tanck, Rover Advisor at Doutagalla Rover Crew, as a "four-bead" Leader Trainer was announced this weekend at the state Training Team conference.

Held twice a year, the state Training Team conference is an important channel of communication between the Rover section trainers, our colleagues in the other sections, as well as state and national training commissioners.

This prestigious appointment is made by WOSM's Asia-Pacific Region on recommendation of Scouts Australia. Limited to less than 25% of trainers in a National Scouting Organisation, this appointment recognises Sue as a dedicated and talented trainer with a deep knowledge not just of the Rover Section, but of Scouting on a broad base.

This is the first time in some years that Victoria has appointed a Leader Trainer specifically for the Rover Section; and to the best of our knowledge, Sue is the first female Leader Trainer to have been appointed from the Rover Section in Australia.

Sue works tirelessly behind the scenes in her capacity as Team Leader - Rover Training, ensuring that Rover Training complies with State and National requirements, is a part of the State Training Council, liaises between our State Training Commissioners and the team at Rover Training Victoria, is the principal Advisor to the VRC Training Officer, mentors and supports the development of our Assistant Leader Trainers, Personal Leader Advisors and other team members, not to mention running training courses.

The team at Rover Training Victoria are incredibly proud of Sue on receiving this appointment, and we look forward to continuing to work with her into the future.