Rovers Victoria

2020 W.F. Waters Awards

On behalf of the Rover community I would like to congratulate the following Rovers who have been awarded the W.F. Waters Award (Rover Service Award), the State Commissioner's or the Victorian Rover Council Chairman's Award, for outstanding service to the Rover Scout section in Victoria.

Your contribution has been substantial and has benefited our Section and the broader Scouting community.

W.F. Waters (Rover Service) Award

Name Crew
Jesse Carter Lord Casey Rover Crew
Vicki McKinnon Cleve Cole Rover Crew
Steph McNabb Berembong Rover Crew
Nick Pike Old Scotch Rover Crew

State Commissioner's Award

Name Crew
Kathryn Crisp Port Phillip Rover Crew

Victorian Rover Council Chairman's Award

Name Crew
Matthew Barnes Cumoot Rover Crew