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Mudbash Tender Applications Open

Mudbash 2021 Committee is seeking interested members within the scouting community to support the event through tendering. Tenders are a way of fundraising for your scout group, scout section, committee, camp or event. It is a fantastic way to sell promotional products to the scouting community or Support the Rovering section through Running the Canteen or Pub Tour.

There are three types of Tenders that the Mudbash committee is offering. General Tenders, Canteen Tender, Pub Tour Tender. General Tenders are available to interested parties who wish to sell promotional products throughout the Mudbash weekend. Some examples of previous General Tenders include the sale of Cups, Stickers, Drink Bottles, Photographs, Apparel and Accessories. These sales can be made through the CAS van or individually through a Stall run by the applicant on the event. The Canteen Tender involves the successful running of the canteen during the Mudbash event. It includes creating a menu so that participants and visitors can purchase snacks and meals, with minimal environmental impact. The Pub Tour is a popular activity on the Mudbash weekend. The tender involves planning Pubs/Wineries for participants to visit including transport and supporting local businesses.

Application forms and further information regarding tenders is available through the links

General Tenders -!AvyIB2Yg2R9LgfJCYaVn1DwH7PVAkQ?e=Cqr9OC

Canteen Tender -!AvyIB2Yg2R9LgfJBSUTWKPqCxH5lMg?e=D39B84

Pub Tour Tender -!AvyIB2Yg2R9LgfJDlWTbuncIAPAtvQ?e=bSGQvz

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