Rovers Victoria

A Challenge for your Unit

Our charity has been funded to run what we are calling the Hero's Journey.

This involves one group being matched to another group. We pair them up with someone from the other group and then put them into a tandem kayak. They spend the day paddling from Toorak to Port Melbourne Beach (or Bolte Bridge if they aren't too fit). The trip is interspersed with disembarkments to do team building activities that need physical effort and intelligence to resolve. It operates like an outdoor escape room, where clues are collected after completion of each obstacle which are needed to surmount the seemingly impossible final obstacle. It is designed by academics, an outdoor education teacher and an ex-special forces soldier to build resilience with a healthy dose of both hard and soft skill enhancement. The year-long (averaged weekly) undertaking has plenty of room to accommodate venturers and rovers. They will be matched to different cultural groups (eg racial, disabled,etc). This is designed to improve Melbourne's inclusivity and upskilling individuals.


As it is fully funded it will cost your organisation nothing. You just need to commit the members to attend and we will provide the rest. We teach kayaking before commencement so everyone is safe on the water and have expert guides on water at all times. We only use sit-on-top fishing kayaks for extra safety, and in 3 years of trips have had no capsizes yet.


Also those pursuing badges or Scout awards may be able to gain hours from participating and/or assisting this project (or another of our many other projects). 


Anybody interested please shoot Greg an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :)