Rovers Victoria

The Victorian Rover Vaccination Challenge

Well folks, that’s that! The Vic Rovers Vax Challenge is done and dusted!! ?
As you can see… our winner for this challenge is the Bays Region Rover Community!! In a shock comeback, Bays managed to overtake Melbourne Region last minute, and they have come out on top! ?
Congratulations are in order, however, for every single Rover who responded to this challenge, and to all our Rovers who have gotten vaccinated! ?
You’re all absolute legends!! ?
All together we had 585 Rovers, 41 Leaders and RAs, and 9 Venturers respond for a total of 635 across the state! ? That’s almost half of our Rover population! ?
The final standings as of 11:59pm Monday are:
? 1st - Bays Region (68.81%)
? 2nd - Melbourne Region (63.38%)
? 3rd - Gippsland Region (46.74%)
4th - South West Region (46%)
5th - Plenty Valley Region (32.29%)
6th - Lerderderg Region (26.29%)
7th - Mt Dandenong Region (25.29%)
8th - Murray Midlands Region (19.7%)
We’re so proud of all our Rovers for getting jabbed and getting involved with the Challenge! ? Can’t wait for a bigger and better 2022 in person!