Rovers Victoria

VicJam Entertainment - Helping hands needed!!

VicJam Entertainment team is looking for some assistance to help out pre and post event to assist in the main stage
Build and Pack down.
These able bodies do NOT need to be Scouting members. But willing volunteers, able to assist.
Food will provided.
Adequate space for tentage will provided on-site at the Elmore Field Days site, for those who can stay over between days.
( Build Days )
Saturday 18th December
10am - 4pm
Sunday 19th December
10am - 4pm
( Pack Down days )
Saturday 8th January
9am - 6pm
Sunday 9th January
9am - 4pm
Many general hands are still required throughout the dates of the event build and pack down days if anyone is available to assist with Entertainment equipment setup and pack down
26th, 27th, 28th December.
Day times.
Pack down.
7th Jan. (9pm into early morning on 8th Jan, 0300)
Dale Krumins - 0410220574
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