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Apple Isle Moot FAQ

What is AIM? and why should I attend?

AIM is the next scheduled national moot, running 31st December 2022 to 8th January 2023 - short for Apple Isle Moot! A Moot is a gathering of Rovers from all across Australia and the World who participate in a multi-day program filled with fun, challenging and adventurous activities. At a Moot there is always the opportunity to try something new, develop yourself, and make many new friends from all over! National moots are ones for the memory banks - filled with adventure, fun and who knows maybe even a little romance. You will not find a better value for money experience!

Where is it located?

Fulton Park Scout Campsite, situated in the North West of Tasmania, is surrounded by picturesque forest, all within a stones-throw of the River Forth and just a short drive to the coast. The camp features both large tent camping areas, as well as indoor activity spaces.

How will AIM be structured? And why only 9 days?

After a lot of careful consideration, the moot team have figured out a structure that will fit the 9 days, will work for everyone, and still pack in as much fun as possible. AIM will run from a Saturday to the following Sunday. This means that you only need to take 1 working week of holidays! The shorter length will also reduce overall costs.

Moots are structured into two main parts - onsite camp & expeditions.

What are the expeditions?

Expeditions refers to an offsite activity for part of the camp, and there are so many options to choose from! You could go hiking, sailing, scuba diving, ride a train and literally so much more - but preferences fill up very fast so if you want to get your first choice to have to make sure your first deposit is in asap!


The Moot Fee will consist of 3 main parts: Base Fee ($750 for Participants and $600 for Service Team), Expedition Fee (will depend on what expedition the participant chooses) & Offsite Activities Fee (will depend on what activities the participant chooses, and may involve costs on the day for food/drink/shopping)

There is also a mandatory additional contingent fee of $85 - this covers welfare, emergency funds and importantly merchandise! As you will be registered with the Victorian contingent - you come with us! You'll get specific victorian merchandise, a welfare guarantee, travel options & a great support family!

How do I get there?

There are two main options - plane or boat. The contingent team will organise a voluntary contingent travel route so you can book in a big group, or you are free to travel as you'd like. More information to come on this closer to the event when prices are more locked in.

Further details

Don't forget to check out on Facebook and Instagram the victorian contingent info - 'Victorian Contingent to AIM 2023' & @vicconaim2023