Rovers Victoria

Mission Australia Survey

You might have heard about the Mission Australia survey? It's a chance for young people to share their thoughts about life and what's important to them. This research is vitally important, especially as we exit the pandemic. We want to know what young people are thinking and how we can support them better! On average about 20 000 people, aged 15 - 19, take the survey each year and the results are used far and wide to advocate for young people. (More information about the survey below, if you're interested.) You will note that the survey only applies to those Rovers who are 18-19.

 If Scouts Victoria can get 100 people or more, aged 15 - 19, to take the survey (with our code), we'll also get an understanding of their beliefs, concerns and values. The survey will directly provide Scouts with a snapshot of our young people and if their views are similar to those of young people around the nation. Really useful information as we start to build and develop towards another 15 years of growth.

So can you help please? Pass this link (our code (29001) is inbuilt) to any Scouting members, aged 15 - 19 and ask them to take 15 minutes to complete the survey.