Rovers Victoria

Basic Outdoor Skills Course

Basic Outdoor Skills Course
Rover Skills Recognition Workshop

Keen to do the May Madness Rover Advanced?
But you haven’t done Basic Outdoor Skills?

This Thursday, Rover Training Victoria is putting on a workshop to help you complete the Skills Recognition workbook.

Thursday March 21
Main Conference Room
Scouts Victoria State Office
152 Forster Road Mt Waverley

The workbook:…/basic-outdoor-skills-recogn…

Please bring:
Hike Menu & Food list (Attachment 1)
Hike Personal Gear List (Attachment 1)
Hike Risk Management Plan (Attachment 1)
Navigation Route Planner (Attachment 3, template on Page 6)
Completed outdoor activity logbook (Attachment 7, template on Page 10)

Signed Team Leader Report (Attachment 8, Page 11)
Any additional evidence to be considered (Attachment 10)
You need to have completed the Basic Outdoors eLearning modules to submit your completed application