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Sunday, 29 July 2018 22:21

Start Thinking About Rover Training this December

It's never too early to start smashing out eLearning and getting yourself ready for Rover Basic and Rover Advanced!

Our next Rover Basic and Rover Advanced training courses will be held at Gilwell Park, Gembrook on the weekend November 30 - December 2.

This puts the cut off date for applications squarely in the middle of exam season, so why not start out doing one elearning module per week right now so you have them all done in plenty of time.

Rovers and RAs who are planning to complete the Advanced Course will also need to complete Basic Outdoor Skills, either by going through the recognition of proficency process or by completing the course - we suggest course 105468 at Ballarat on October 20-21 which will be run by the team at Rover Training Victoria