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Quality Crew Guidelines


The Extraordinary Rover conference held in March 2009 comprising over 300 Rovers and advisors identified  many opportunities to assist Crews. This guideline hopes to enable stronger links between Region Councils and Crews and provide examples of quality that help Rovers and Crews become extraordinary. This Guideline was formally endorsed by the Branch Rover Council  at the Feb 2010 meeting.


  • The program reflects the profile of activities everyone has contributed to and is happy with
  • Within 1 week of update the program is distributed to all members, Venturers, Group, RRC
  • It contains information about Where, When, Cost and a contact
  • Support of other local crew activities is in the program
  • The crew attends a variety of Region & Branch activities and assets
  • Service activities are strongly supported by members


  • All members are registered and have WWC within 3 months of joining
  • The crew visits local Venturer units 3+ times per year to promote their crew
  • The crew attends other scout events to promote their crew & Rovers
  • The crew maintains a contact list of all members and distributes it regularly to members & Group/District
  • The crew has a current Flyer/Website/Facebook page and submits articles to local media
  • Members discuss and agree which communications tool they will use, eg. SMS,E-Mail,Facebook,etc.
  • The crew recruits 3+ new members each year


  • Members pro-actively support each other
  • Good and bad behaviours are discussed at each business meeting
  • Members at all times behave in a manner in line with the Scout Law and Promise
  • The crew actively manages members and friends behaviour at all events
  • Crew members pro-actively find out what's going on


  • All new members have completed an Intro course and Squire training within 6 months
  • The crew sends 2+ members to Basic or further training each year
  • The crew offers financial assistance to those attending training
  • Member are encouraged to do the B.P Award
  • Member are encouraged to take up leadership positions within Victorian Rovers
  • Member are encouraged take up leader roles in other sections


  • The crew sets a budget each year
  • The crew raises sufficient funds to support the program
  • Everyone helps keep the Rover Den in order


  • All Crew positions are elected & filled at least annually
  • The Crew Leader has attended a Basic course
  • The crew sends 2 representatives to every RRC meeting
  • The Crew Leader attends 4 RRC meetings per year
  • An accurate report of the crews financial status is reported at each Business meeting
  • The crew has a pro-active Rover Advisor who follows the Advisor Expectations guideline
  • The Crew participates in a triennial visit organised by the RRC and develops a 3 year plan
  • The crew discusses important items from the last RRC meeting at the next crew Business meeting
  • This guideline is displayed in the Rover den and discussed during Squire training
  • The crew prepares an annual report and submits to the RRC and Group/District

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Download the interactive pro forma for your Crew's improvement plan. Identify what your Crew is doing well, and make a plan for areas that can be improved with clear responsibilities and deadlines.