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Training of Trainers

The Training of Trainers program is five courses that together provide Scouts Victoria with their trainers, and the people who complete it with the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications that show their skills.

Several of these courses need to be completed and assessed, which means that after you complete the course, you will need to be assessed to see how well you are putting the knowledge and skills from the course into practice. This will be explained on the course itself.

Completing the Training of Trainers program does not mean that you will be appointed to a training role, but you can gain the nationally recognised Certificate IV qualification.

We strongly recommend that you discuss how you will go about completing the Training of Trainers program before you begin with the VRC Training Officer or one of our Assistant Leader Trainers.

Courses Overview

Training of Trainers – Training Methods & Training of Trainers – Training Techniques

These two courses focus on the best way to teach others, and the skills, resources and methodologies that will make things easier for you as a trainer.

Training Methods must be completed and assessed as a part of basic level Activity Guide training.

Training of Trainers – Personal Leader Adviser

The PLA Course helps you in supporting people through the training program, especially the workbooks. It also helps you with the skills needed to assist on training courses as a course tutor.

Training of Trainers – Assessor

This is a two day course that provides you with the capability to enhance your skills in determining the competence of a person completing a particular skill. It will provide you with a range of ways that you can determine how skilled a person is, and importantly, how to prove it.

This course must be completed and assessed as a part of advanced level Activity Leader training.

Training of Trainers – Training Leadership

This is a two and a half day course that provides you with the capability to enhance your skills developing and running activities and courses.

Cert IV Training & Assessment Makeup

This course covers the two design competencies required to gain the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Since 2012, Scouts Australia has delivered the St John Ambulance Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE40110) program. The competencies used to create this qualification are listed below, along with the Scouting course that includes each competency.

Scouts Victoria Program Training Time St John Module TAE40110 Competencies
Training Methods 2 Days Module 1 TAEDEL301A Provide Work Skills Instruction
Assessor 2 Days TAEASS403A**

Participate in Assessment Validation
Assess Competence
Plan Assessment Activities and Practices

Training Techniques 2 Days Module 2 BSBCMM401A
Plan Organise and Deliver Group-Based Learning
Make a Presentation
Personal Leader Advisor 2 Days TAEDEL402A**
Mentoring in the Workplace
Plan Organise and Facilitate Work-Based Learning
Training Leadership 2 Days - - -
Additional Requirements 2 Day Course/
Self-paced Workbook
Module 2


Use Training Packages and Accredited Courses to Meet Client Needs
Design and Develop Learning Programs

** Denotes core competency


Training Methods Training Techniques Personal Leader Advisor Assessors Training Leadership Cert IV Make-up Course
None Training Methods None Training Methods

Training Methods
Training Techniques

Training Methods (Completed & Assessed)
Training Techniques
Personal Leader Advisor
Assessors (Completed & Assessed)


Training Methods Training Techniques Personal Leader Advisor Assessors Training Leadership Cert IV Make-up Course
$65 $60 $15 $90 $100 $110

Costs indicated as of 2016. The Rover Training Victoria reimburses course fees for its members on successful completion of the course.

How do I apply?

Send a complete TR1 (Adult Training Application) Form to the Training Office at the Victorian Scout Centre,

or Apply Online Here!

Who do I contact for more information?

The Victorian Rover Council Training Officer - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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