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Did you know just how easy it is to get an Official's Licence which allows to you to work on RSM events as an Accreditated Official and on other Motorsport Events including Rallies, Circuits and even the V8 Supercars and F1 Grand Prix?

Everything you need to know is available to you on the CAMS Website, but here's some pointers and Links.

Trainee Licences & General Official Licences

At RSM Events, if you serve at any point as a Marshall or Timekeeper, you are required to Sign On as an Official. When you do this, make sure that you ask for a Trainee Official Licence Form or bring yours along. Get your day filled out and signed off at the end of the Event by one of the Essential Officials and you're on your way!

Update from the Australian Official Commission:

Trainees now only require one day training at an Event. Simply download the Trainee Official Licence Form from the CAMS Website and bring it along to an Event. Complete your day and get the Event Command Official (Clerk of Course) to sign off and keep a copy. They will then send the Form in to CAMS along with any Post Event Paperwork. CAMS will then send you a letter with your CAMS Number and the details you will need to complete your General Officials Licence.

This will include the Online Introductory Module which introduces you to the structure and purpose of CAMS, basic knowledge regarding Official roles, your responsibilities and how officials fit in (Think of it along the same lines as the Intro To Rovers Course - just for CAMS and online!).

When you completed the requirements for the General Official Licence, CAMS will send you your General Official Licence, which allows you to act as a trainee for higher roles such as Clerk of Course, Scrutineering, etc and also work independently as basic Marshalls, Event Secretary, Recovery with minimal Supervision required.

More information: Become an Official (CAMS)

Licence Gradings:

The Graded Licence system consists of six levels:Training Scheme

  • Trainee: The starting point for all Officials. Once you sign on at an event on the Officials Sign On Sheet as a Marshall, you are considered a Trainee Official. Trainees are Officials working under Direct Supervision.
  • General Official: Once you have completed three event days as a Trainee and have done the Introductory Module, you can be upgraded to a General Official. Once you are a General Official, you are able to begin work towards a Club Chief or Bronze Level Licence and can act as a Trainee to other Positions (E.g.: Clerk Of Course, Scrutineer). General Officials are able to work without Direct Supervision in minor roles.
  • Club Chief: This is a new role for those with experience which allows the individual to act as a Clerk Of Course, Steward or Team Leader Role (Except Scrutineer) at Club and Multi-Club Events only (excluding race, rally and off road events).
  • Bronze: The most common level of Licence within RSM. To obtain a Bronze Level Licence, you need to complete a Training Module (Event Command, Event Administration, Timekeeper, Scrutineer, and Steward) some of which are available online, followed by an Event Assessment by a CAMS Accredited Assessor. With the completion of these components, you apply to CAMS for a licence upgrade. Bronze Level Licences allow individuals to act as Chief at events up to and including State Level and act as a General Official at all levels.
  • Silver: On completition of the Silver Module and an Event Assessment, Bronze level officials are eligable to upgrade to a Silver Officials Licence. Silver Licence holders can hold Team Leadership Roles or Chief positions at events up to and including National Level Events and act as a General Official at all levels.
  • Gold: Silver Level Officials who can clearly demonistrate vast experience with supporting documentation and who complete the Gold Level Event Assessment are eligable to upgrade to a Gold Officials Licence. Gold Licence holders can hold Team Leadership Roles or Chief positions at up to and including International Level Events and act as a General Official at all levels.

Lots more Information:


In order to assist new Officials with understanding the CAMS Official Training Process and helping them plan out their own Training Pathway, RSM has created a new Training Plan form.

The form is designed to assist Members in planning their training while working in conjunction with the RSM Training & Development Officer.

The form can be downloaded below.

When you have finished filling in the form, click on the submit button to send a copy to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that we may best assist you with your CAMS Training.

For any questions, feel free to contact:

Tyler Cuttle
RSM Training & Development
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