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What is Surfmoot?

Surfmoot is one of Victoria’s longest running Rover events, starting back in 1931. Surfmoot has always been run on the beach, starting its life on the banks of the Anglesea River and moving up the hill when Eumeralla Scout Camp opened its gates and has spent the rest of its life here, except for a few years at Phillip Island, but the main ideal of the weekend has never changed!


Surfmoot has something for everyone there’s swimming at the beach, jelly wrestling, a waterslide and a series of off-site activities! Or if activities aren’t your scene there are plenty of shops adventures to be had in town, great ice cream stores or you could always spend the day relaxing on the beach or in your campsite hanging out with your Crew, how you spend Surfmoot really is up to you! Don’t forget the night time activities and entertainment, there’s live music and event launches so don’t miss out!

2018 Surfmoot Information:

Surfmoot 2018 “Smurfmoot” is being held at Eumeralla Scout Camp 1415 Great Ocean Rd, Anglesea Victoria over the Australia Day weekend. Our four day event will begin Thursday 25th and Sunday 28th of January. Tickets are currently on sale at: https://myevents.vicrovers.com.au/