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Surfmoot 2018 boasts a variety of both on-site and off-site activities for you and your Crew to participate in.

For more information regarding activities please see the descriptions below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Activities Head of Department on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Surfing, Get your Smurf on!
Don’t sit at camp surfing the internet rovers! Come down to the beach and have a smurfing good time learning how to surf. The welcoming and professional instructors cater to all abilities and will have you surfing like the pros in no time at all. Even if you do experience a few flops, you can always appreciate sitting on your board letting the ocean waves gently sway you, whilst taking in the picturesque views. Sounds like Hakuna matata to me rovers!

#smurfon  #Hukanamatata #chillingonmyobard


Rock climbing, Roped Up
Why not challenge yourself rovers ? Get roped up and take on the You Yangs Regional park. Book in a session rock climbing with the wonderful Scout team. They will show you the ropes and make you feel at ease and also help you to get out of your comfort zone and reach your goals. You might even surprise yourself and find your inner mountain goat.

#challengeyourself #wannabemountaingoat #gorgeousYouYangs


Abseiling, The A team
There is no better way to experience the beauty of the You Yangs regional park other than at grand heights. Take the leap of faith and trust our very own Scout A team to guide you in zipping down the many giant rocks at the park.If you’re an experienced abseiler you will understand what a breathtaking location the You Yangs is. You will also agree that nothing takes away the exhilarating thrill of leaning out onto the edge, no matter how much experience you have behind you. Additionally, the calm feeling of just relaxing in your harness to get a glimpse of the view below is quite memorable too. Don’t forget to take selfies of your partially terrified and excited faces and post them to our Smurf Moot facebook page !

#gorgeousYouYangs  #keepcalmandleanback #theAteam


Horse Riding, Saddle Club
Hey there saddle club fans and horse enthusiasts, let the ‘Blazing Saddles’ club take you on a most memorable experience. The team will teach you all the basics in to time. Bring your camera because there will also be a plethora of opportunities to take snaps of the lush bushland, the odd friendly koala and the amazing views of the coastline.

#saddleclubmemories #Ilovehorses #coastlineviews


Zorbing and Segway Experience
Welcome to the future rovers, where the preferred mode of transport is segways and giant zorb balls! Get strapped in with a friend and experience the thrill of tumbling down hills at high speeds in the 11ft giant globes. Then take a scenic tour on the sturdy self balancing segways.

#zorbing #justkeeprolling


4WD, Mud monsters
It’s pretty well known that Angelsea has some of the most unbelievably dusty and muddy four wheel driving tracks. So if you don’t have your own ride, or the skills or haven’t been four wheel driving before get buckled in for a bumpy ride with the Scout 4WD team.

#letsgetdirty #gloriousmud #strapinandshutup


Canoeing, Rolling on the river

Ever wondered what you can do in a canoe? Well these games are going to blow your mind. Get ready for races, being catapulted into the river and just a little bit of magic.
You will get wet, you will have fun and you will leave with a smile on your face. Scouts honour.

#gettingmoist #hpfan #hopeyoucanswim


Pub Tour, Smurfmoot Pub Tour 2018
Check out the best watering holes along the Great Ocean Road with some chill vibes, great oceans views and great people in the fun bus!
Can you keep up? Do you have what it takes?

#drinkalldayandallnight #onlyfunpeopleonthefunbus #SmurfmootPubTour2018