Rover Scout Motorsport

Rover Scout Motorsport (RSM) is a motorsport car club associated with the Rover Section of Scouts Victoria. RSM is an affiliated car club with the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS). Motorsport has been a part of Rovers for over 40 years but it wasn’t until 2005 that RSM was formed to oversee and manage all motorsport related activities for Victorian Rovers. 

RSM is continually evolving along with the motorsport world. It is opening up opportunities not only for Rovers but to Venturers and Scouts to jump on board and experience racing through our Championship Series and Junior Development Programs.

Why Join RSM? 

RSM enables a safe and exciting environment for various ages of scouting to experience competing and officiating in motorsport. Becoming a part of RSM can provide you with many opportunities from organising events, being an event official, training to hold a state level officials qualification, not to mention joining the great, fun and competitive Rover racing community.

How Do I Join? 

Any Victorian Rover, Rover advisor or Leader is an automatic member of RSM. So that means you can race at any time as long as you have a current level 2 non speed CAMS license or above! Good news if you are a part of a fellowship or an adult helper etc, then you can also be a part of RSM for a small yearly membership fee of $25.
For Scouts and Venturers participating in our Junior Development Programs event organisers will arrange for junior licences as required, you will also automatically become a financial member of RSM. If you would like more information on how to join please get in contact with our club secretary.

When does Rover Scout Motorsport Meet?

RSM meets on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm at the Victorian Rover Centre (Highland Avenue, Oakleigh, Victoria), it is here that club decisions are made and all teams can have a say on the direction of the club.