Rover Scout Motorsport

RSM has two major awards that it awards annually not based around competitor performance;  these two awards were created to thank outstanding members who go above and beyond for the club.

  • The Rover Scout Motorsport Clubman Award is awarded to an individual of Rover age who has displayed exceptional sportsmanship which in turn promotes and enhances Rover Scout Motorsport
  • The Rover Scout Motorsport Club Official Award is awarded to an individual member who has taken on a role of an Official (Non- Key Official Role) at one or more RSM events and displayed fairness, sportsmanship and professionalism.

Both awards are open to Rovers; however the club Officials Awards is also open to Non-Rover Supporters as well.

Nominations for these awards can be made by and both can be nominated by Rovers and Non-Rover Supporters alike.

Nominations close on July 31st so the committee can decide on the awardees at the August RSM AGM.

You can download the full criteria and nomination forms on our documents page.

For any questions regarding these awards, don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..