Rover Scout Motorsport

Young Drivers and Junior Development Programs (JDP)

Are you a Scout or Venturer and want to be a part of the racing world? Well you can! RSM is a proud supporter of the Junior Development Programs. These programs are created for kids aged 12—17 to learn to participate in learning to drive a car under the instruction of an experienced observer.

The Programs allows young people to develop an understanding of car control, car safety and maintenance of vehicles.  Alongside CAMS, RSM ensures these driving experiences take place in a controlled and safe environment. To participate in any motorsport with CAMS written parental permission is required for people under 18 years of age.

The program is not conducted under the auspices of Scouts Australia, Victorian Branch although RSM do conduct the program on property owned by the Scout Association. CAMS accept all legal liability while Scouts are actively engaged in the program.