Rover Scout Motorsport

Why do we need recovery in racing?

The recovery team’s job is to provide the safe removal of your vehicle from the track, if you are not be able to continue to the completion of the track. The vehicle may be being removed for various reasons, such as an accident, a car breaks down, or a car becomes stuck on the track due the conditions of the track and is unable to complete the course.

The recovery team is generally made up of the Scout 4x4 team and Rovers who are 4x4 enthusiasts. Their job is to be on the side of the track in case a recovery is required and is generally the first responder to any incident or accident that may occur on track.


What is Scout 4x4?

Scout 4x4 is an Adventurous activities group within scouting that regularly help out Rover Scout Motorsport with additional recovery support as required.


How do I join the recovery team?

The place to start is by beginning your official’s journey to gain the best knowledge and understanding of motorsport before undertaking this role, contact the RSM secretary or recovery chief for more details.


What if I don’t have my own recovery gear?

RSM own a number of recovery sets to ensure that the gear being used is safe and appropriate for the work being conducted.


What recovery gear is used?

Below will be a list of the recovery gear with a photo.


Shackles and Strap