Rover Scout Motorsport

What training do I need to complete?

CAMS do not require you to complete any training to race however depending on if you wish to a hold a position on the RSM committee or an events committee you may need to complete some training. We encourage all committee members and club members to complete their general officials training. This training provides an overview on all aspects of the race event. The training requires someone with a CAMS Official license to sign you off completing two days of training at an event, which could be timekeeping, assisting the secretary of the meeting, along with a variety of other options. Once the form has been received by CAMS you will receive an online module to complete which takes about 30 minutes. Once you have completed a final test, your training will be completed and your CAMS official license will be sent to you in the coming weeks.

CAMS provide a variety of other training for positions such as Circuit Official, Event Administration, Event Command, Fire and Rescue, Rally and Off Road, Scrutineer, Steward and Timekeeping. These can all be completed at various levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold). To hold a position in an RSM events team you will be required to complete at minimum the bronze level qualification for that position.

You can find more information about training on the CAMS website by following the link below.


RSM Mentor Program

In 2017 the RSM committee introduced a mentor program to allow younger rovers to learn from older rovers, and ex rovers. This program is designed to provide a positive and comfortable environment for club members to learn new skills required to obtain CAMS official positions. The mentor program aims to have 2 club members a year complete their various training through this mentor program. The program will allow mentors to provide guidance and knowledge, to pass down to the younger generations of the club. The club member in training may be mentored by any club member who has volunteered to be a mentor for the program and the mentor must have a current cams official license. The mentor must have previously completed two events in this position (in or out of the club) since their cams accreditation.

For more information on this program please see our policy on the "RSM Documents" page.