Rovers Victoria

At the start of 2016 VicRovers introduced a new plastic "Event Ticket & ID Card" and ticketing system. These cards are the new way to enter statewide events (Surfmoot, Mudbash, MARB) and pay for food, merchandise and drinks at them. When you buy a presold ticket to an event, all you will have to do is scan your card to be allowed into the event.

The card is printed with your name and registration number, a barcode and the VicRovers emergency contact number; it also contains a chip inside the card.

The chip inside the card allows you to pay for food, merchandise and drinks at events (each event will let you know what it can be used for). The money that you pre load on your card is accessible at any event, so if you load up $200 at Surfmoot but only spend $120, when you get to Mudbash you’ll have $80 still on your card to spend. Currently money can only be loaded on via cash at events, however eventually you will be able to upload to your card online (we will let you know when this is available). Please be careful of the edge of your card, any damage (eg hole punching in the wrong, cracks etc) could stop your card from being able to be scanned and require a replacement.

Those who attended Surfmoot 2016 should already have received a card at the event. If you are a Victorian Rover who was aged 19-25.5 at the start of the year or a currently registered Rover Advisor, and you did not attend Surfmoot 2016, you should receive your card in the mail by the end of April 2016.

If you do not have a card issued to you yet, such as new Rovers, one will be created when you buy your first event ticket (for a participating event) from now on.

Please do not lose this card; if you require a replacement it will cost $10. New cards can be bought at events, however there may be a delay while it is made. If you do lose your card please let us know immediately so that we can cancel it and transfer your funds to a new card.

If you have any questions, issues with your card or if you lose it please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.