Rovers Victoria

So, it's finally happened. You're old. Not to worry, it happens to the best of us. It certainly beats the alternative...

But you want to stay involved in Scouting. That's great! We're a volunteer organisation, and there are plenty of roles that you might like take on.


First, let's look at what you can still do with the Rovers. There are a number of subcommittee roles that are open to Booted Rovers.

You must be a member of Scouts Victoria in some form to be elected to each of these committees, which brings us nicely to...


The Australian Scout Fellowship is an opportunity for Booted Rovers and retired Leaders to remain involved with Scouting. Fellowship Members are full members of Scouts Victoria and have all of the rights and responsibilities of any other Adult in Scouting. There are Fellowship chapters attached to each District, as well as Mafeking Rover Park, Bogong Rover Chalet, WF Waters Lodge, Rover Scout Motorsport, several activity teams and Scout Shows, the Baden Powell Masonic Lodge, Major Events, many campsites and plenty more, so you'll be sure to find something that you're interested in. Not sure where to start? You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Section Leader

I'm sure that you've heard about becoming a section leader already. Sometimes it seems that the only option for someone to remain involved in Scouting is to go down and become a leader at the local Joey Mob/Cub Pack/Scout Troop/Venturer Unit, at least that's the way that you hear some leaders talking about it. But that's not to say that it isn't still a great option - there are thousands of leaders in these roles, so they must be good fun...

In a few years' time, you may even be asked to consider becoming a Rover Advisor. The minimum age for an RA is 27, and it is strongly recommended that an RA should be at least 30, or even older if returning to their own Crew.

Activity Leader

However there is more than the one type of leader. Activity Leaders specialise in providing adventurous activities like Abseiling, Canoeing, Waterskiing or Four Wheel Driving. There also also Activity Leaders for Specialised Activities - things like Radio & Electronics, Patrol Activity Camping, Perfoming Arts and the Environment.  Just contact the Activity Team you're interested in joining.

Activity Leaders help to support the youth program by providing access to the kinds of activities that it just isn't possible to train every Leader in Victoria to provide. They don't need to go to a weekly meeting, but they still get plenty of time with the kids.

Leader of Adults

Leaders of Adults provide the organisational backbone of Scouting. Anyone with Branch, Region, District or Group in their title is a Leader of Adults. They don't have a weekly responsibility to a section, but they get to keep everything going, making sure that Section Leaders receive the support that they need to make Scouting happen every week for the youth members.

With training, both formal and on the job training, Rovers are well placed to take up leadership positions as a Leader of Adults. It is not unheard of for Rovers to leave the section and become District Commissioners or even Assistant Chief Commissioners.


Not everyone wants to stay in uniform. Not to worry, our Lay members are also a really important part of Scouting. From your local Group Support Committee through the District Association or perhaps the committee of management of the nearest Campsite, Scouting has no shortage of committees that you can join, and everyone knows that Rovers love a good committee.

Leaving Scouting

Not everyone is going to want to stay around and that's OK. You might want to take a short break before returning, bring your kids along for the same fun times that you had, or might not want anything more to do with us again. We hope you had a blast.

Baden Powell Guilds
Not a part of Scouting, the Baden Powell Guilds are an organisation that is dedicated to helping Scouting to achieve its aims, providing manpower and financial assistance to our events and assets.

Cas Terras

Famous for hot jam donuts and the Cas Van, Cas Terras are open to membership from across the branch.
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Skipper Holland

Based in Nunawading, Skipper Holland was set up to give back to scouting and the community, they enjoy themselves along the way too.

Hoadley Old Boys Organisation (HOBOs)

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Based in the western suburbs, this Guild caters mostly to Booted Rovers from the former Hoadley Region, however anyone is more than welcome!