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To make sure that we deliver Scouting in a safe environment for all our members, all Adults in Scouting - including Rover Scouts are required to complete two On-Demand Learning modules within three months of joining, or turning 18, in order to remain a member.

The two modules are "Child Safe Scouting" and "WHS for Scouting" and can be found under 'Scouting Preliminary' in the Scouts Australia Learning Platform.

Child Safe Scouting

In this module you will learn about Child Safe Scouting and:

  • Know how our values and attitudes can impact on acknowledging child abuse and/or neglect
  • Understand how child abuse is often discounted
  • Appreciate your role as a trusted, non-threatening adult
  • Be aware of the importance of maintaining a child focus
  • Understand your responsibility to report, including suspicion of abuse

WHS for Scouting

Although the WHS legislation is all encompassing, it was mostly written with only commercial workplaces in mind. Working with Safework Australia, Scouts has developed a clear framework that interprets the law in the context of Scouting. This module explains WHS in the context for Scouting.

How do I Get Started?

For a step-by-step guide to getting started with eLearning, have a look at this guide.