Rovers Victoria

Regional Victoria

We know Rovers would be excited to get out and about, and with easing of restrictions in Regional
Victoria, now is the time to catch up on lost time and get back to the outdoors. What outlined, is
places in Victoria to do these outdoor activities. To help, we have prepared a map to help visualise all
these places.

Note: During Step 3, Regional Victoria can undertake face-to-face outdoor
Scouting in small groups.

• Groups in Regional Victoria can undertake face-to-face outdoor Scouting limited to 10
participants plus those required to conduct the activity.
• Overnight activities are not yet permitted as camping is only permitted for household groups.
• Any members who live in Metropolitan Melbourne cannot attend any face-to-face Scouting
even if their Group is located within Regional Victoria.
• Halls and other indoor property in Regional Victoria remain closed for Scouting activities but
can be accessed to undertake necessary maintenance, etc.

More information on returning to Scouting at:

Interactive Map:


Regional Outdoor Activities

1. Grampians National Park

Grampians National Park offers camping, hiking, paddling, and more. For a first Unit Camp,
you can catch up on a lot of missed time. Examples of activities include short walks such as
The Pinnacle Walks and Mount Staplyton Loop Walk, and trails such as the Peaks Trail for
those needing some vigorous activity. Some of these day walks can be incorporated to some
of the many campgrounds. Paddling is permitted on many of the water-ways too.

2. Little Desert National Park

Located around 300km North West of Melbourne, and 80km of the Grampians is Little
Desert National Park, and a great space to camp. The best time to visit the park is between
late winter and early summer (now!) when the temperatures are comfortable, and the park is
full of blossoms and wildflowers. Camp beside the Barringgi Gadyin, and enjoy bushwalks,
birdwatching or four-wheel driving.

3. Great Otway National Park

If units are looking for a more coastal feel, The Great Otways in the South West Region give
you just that. With access to the beach, Rovers can surf, swim and more. The Great Ocean
Walk also runs along the coast so definitely hiking and camping to be had too.

4. Murry Sunset National Park

Murray-Sunset National Park is home to the famous Pink Lakes. Located in the very North-
West of Victoria this park has gorgeous sights. Go canoeing, boating and fishing in the
floodplains around Walpolla, Lindsay and Mulcra Island. Each season has something different
to offer.

5. Lerderderg State Park

Located a little closer to Melbourne, but still regional is Lerderderg State Park. The Great
Dividing Trail Lerderderg track runs through a is a great track. Other trails are located in such
as east Walk and Cowan track loop.

6. Mount Buffalo National Park

Mount Buffalo National Park is 200km North-East of Melbourne. In summer, hike, canoe,
swim, cycle, or climb. This area offers such a variety of activity for Units to do.

7. Snowy River National Park

Snowy River, which is 300km east of Melbourne, is a great place to paddle. There are also
plenty of walking tracks that explore the waterways, and waterfalls. As weather gets
warmer, it will be nice to take a dip and cool off.

8. Croajingolong National Park

Croajingolong National Park follows the remote coast of far-east Victoria and is home to
ancient forests, pristine inlets, giant sand dunes and abundant wildlife. Canoe, kayak or boat
to explore Tamboon, Mallacoota and Wingan Inlet. Camp at Thurra River, walk the
Wilderness Coast or step back in time at Point Hicks Lightstation. Croajingolong is all about
escaping civilisation.

9. Wilsons Promontory National Park

Wilsons Prom is the southernmost tip of mainland Australia, 200km south east of Melbourne.
Walk remote coastal bushland trails and swim at pristine beaches dominated by granite tors.
It is also Victoria’s largest Marine National Park, perfect for snorkelling and such.

10. Gippsland Lakes Coast Park

Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park adjoins an extensive lake system separated from the Tasman
Sea by the sand dunes of Ninety Mile Beach. It is about 30km south of Bairnsdale. Swim,
kayak, boat, or fish along the scenic expanses space.

11. Glenelg River National Park

Along the SA border is the Lower Glenelg River, and is very popular for paddling
journeys. You can also tackle the Great South West Walk, with day walks, overnight, or
multi-day journeys.

12. Great Victorian Rail Trail

The Great Victorian Rail Trail is Australia’s longest continuous rail trail, beginning in
Tallarook, and can finish at Yea, Mansfield, or Alexandra. Whilst primarily experienced by
cycling, you can hike, or horse ride. It is mostly flat, which makes it ideal for any level of
experience that may be in the unit.

13. Goldfields Track

From Ballarat to Bendigo, this trail suitable for hiking and cycling, will not only take you along
central Victoria’s scenery, but share some of the gold rush story. Note it comprises of three
separate tracks, Wallaby Track, Dry Diggings Track, and Leanganook track.

14. Murray to Mountains

This cycling trail starts in Wangaratta and is the perfect way to discover the diverse and
ever-changing landscape of North East Victoria. There are multiple legs to choose to start
from, and lots of local produce and wine to sample.