Rovers Victoria

The Winter Games were an inter-crew competition last run in 2009 where crews competed in:

  • Quoit Tag
  • Centre Line Poison Ball
  • Volley Ball
  • Hand Soccer
  • Continuous Cricket
  • Five in a Row

Within each region, crews competed against each other in a round-robin competition. Following this the top 2 crews from each region competed at the State Finals to determine the overall winner.

In 2010 the competition was cancelled due to reduced participation over the previous years.

This does however remain a resource for regions to conduct inter-crew activities.

Download the Winter Games Rules here: Winter Games Rules

Past Winners

2009 Everst Le Page Rovers   1994 Cerberus Rovers
2008 Alpha Theta Rovers   1993 Cerberus Rovers
2007 Craigieburn Rovers   1992 Old Scotch Rovers
2006 Craigieburn Rovers   1991 Surrey Thomas Rovers
2005 Craigieburn Rovers   1990 Surrey Thomas Rovers
2004 Bill Rutherford Rovers   1989 Leichhardt Rovers
2003 Bill Rutherford Rovers   1988 Harrison Rovers
2002 Bill Rutherford Rovers   1987 Harrison Rovers
2001 Bill Rutherford Rovers   1986 Keith Farquhar Rovers
2000 Bill Rutherford Rovers   1985 Keith Farquhar Rovers
1999 Kerrabee Rovers   1984 John Armstrong Rovers
1998 Tarraleah Rovers   1983 R.J. Schutt Rovers
1997 Cerberus Rovers   1982 John Armstrong Rovers
1996 Cerberus Rovers   1981 Tarlow Rovers
1995 Old Scotch Rovers