Rovers Victoria

The following people have been awarded the Baden Powell Scout Award:

2 March 2024  
Reece Shaw Ken Tickell Rover Unit
Meghan Venables Cumoot Rover Unit
Jess Hay Port Phillip Rover Unit
Katelynn Condon Hanging Rock  Rover Unit
Kent Bennett Everest Le Page Rover Unit
Lisa Tops Capstaff Rover Unit
Hayley Mildenhall Kilakari Pinpuna Rover Unit
Bailey Stone Kilakari Pinpuna Rover Unit
Maddy Packer Port Phillip Rover Unit
Megan Heaney John Gardiner Rover Unit
Cath Uber Carlton Rover Unit
Michelle Saffin Mullumbimba Rover Unit
Jade Sheehan 4th Knox Rover Unit
Rachael Marley Craigieburn Rover Unit
Cairo Levett Manderson Rover Unit
Madison Watson-Bell A.B. Balcombe Rover Unit
Kieren Martin Sir Dallas Brooks Rover Unit
James Cochrane Delnigy Rover Unit
Georgia Smith Port Phillip Rover Unit
Eleyne Ferguson Djerriwarrh Rover Unit
Izaak Kitching 4th Knox Rover Unit
Gillian O'Connor Ken Tickell Rover Unit
Madeline Hardman Bundara Rover Unit
Zoe Herrera Boss Hurst Rover Unit
Anthony Lamb Mavis Rover Unit
1 April 2023  
Thomas O'Brien Mordy Rover Unit
Melissa Uren A.B. Balcombe Rover Unit
Lisa Moffatt Sir Dallas Brooks Rover Unit
Rachael Osborne Mordy Rover Unit
Hugh Anderson Mullumbimba Rover Unit
Jesse Lang Boss Hurst Rover Unit
Kendra Schmid Boss Hurst Rover Unit
Georgie Wildoer Mullumbimba Rover Unit
Jordan Chan Black Flats Rover Unit
Travis Elliott Bevan Trimble Rover Unit
Benjamin Chesler John Gardiner Rover Unit
Lily Twyford Boss Hurst Rover Unit
Kira Ryan Wilf Kendall Rover Unit
Benjamin Gunthorpe Evans Rover Unit
19th Feb 2022  
Abbey Tiernan Hanging Rock  Rover Unit
Kelly Elliott Kulin Rover Unit
Ryan Leggett Manderson Rover Unit
Emily Kinross-Smith Boss Hurst Rover Unit
Luke Wheatley A.B. Balcombe Rover Unit
Alice Hayllar 4th Knox Rover Unit
Anna Mullens Manderson Rover Unit
Gemma Park Manderson Rover Unit
Rachel Preston Carlton Rover Unit
Breanne Simmons Bunerong Rover Unit
Catherine Marley Cleve Cole Rovers
Micaela Dumergue Bevan Trimble Rover Unit
James Warren Evans Rover Unit
Em Craw Raisbeck Rover Unit
1st May 2021  
Lachlan Buhagiar Carlton Rover Crew
Jesse Carter Lord Casey Rover Crew
Jonas Anderson Mordy Rover Crew
Alberto Scelsi Wonga Park Rover Crew
Elise Spargo Cumoot Rover Crew
Tiffanie Thomas Rafiki Rover Crew
Emma Watson Carlton Rover Crew
Ged Hook Hatfield Rover Crew
Sunny Aguilar Kingsford Smith Rover Crew
Sarah White Patanga Rover Crew
Kathryn Crisp Port Phillip Rover Crew
Cassie Lia Lasseter Rover Crew
8th February 2020  
Chanelle Vernal Waggataan Rutherford Rover Crew
Alison Roberts Capstaff Rover Crew
Jess Smith Mahogany Rover Crew
Jasmine Ryan Bundaleer Rover Crew
Anna Pike Mahogany Rover Crew
Alannah Higgins AB. Balcombe Rover Crew
Cole Green Hellsgate Rover Crew
George Bennett Lasseter Rover Crew
Norton West  Cleve Cole Rover Crew 
Alison Millward Cleve Cole Rover Crew
Chris Park Manderson Rover Crew
Jen Benson Sir Dallas Brooks Rover Crew
Kate Schie Lasseter Rover Crew
27th October 2018  
Brod Jarryd McOrmond Fraser A B Balcombe Rover Crew
Andrew Richmond Monti Bevan Trimble Rover Crew
Erin Louise Verberne Mt Ritchie Rover Crew
Luke Edward Critchley Craigieburn Rover Crew
Edwin John Ryan Cleve Cole Rover Crew
Jarrod Mark Bell Wurundjeri Rover Crew
Belle Kendra Hunter Carlton Rover Crew
Matthew James Brockman Aruma Rover Crew
Timothy James Churchward Waggataan Rutherford Rover Crew
Sarah Elise Connell Fort Nepean Rover Crew
Kirsten Louise Langmaid 4th Knox Rover Crew
Jessica Leanne Spargo Frank Moon Rover Crew
James Cooper Smith Mahogany Rover Crew
28th October 2017  
Elizabeth Adams Ria Warrah Rover Crew
Annie Asquith Carlton Rover Crew
Jessica Berton Odonata Rover Crew
Natasha Borg Lord Casey Rover Crew
Catriona Anne Campbell Houston John Gardiner Rover Crew
Sarah Elise Connell Fort Nepean Rover Crew
Melissa Susan Cugley Port Phillip Rover Crew
Cate-Linne Jade McOrmond Fraser Lasseter Rover Crew
Jami Maree Heal Kilakari Pinpuna Rover Crew
Amy Caroline Lampugnani Carlton Rover Crew
Alex Magri-Olson Kurll's Own Rover Crew
Claire Morrissey Macfarlane Burnet Rover Crew
Jimmy A Paton Waggataan-Rutherford Rover Crew
Stephanie Piccolo-Cody Killibinbin Rover Crew
Megan Williams Kurll's Own Rover Crew
8th October 2016  
Gregory Ross Baker Alpha Theta Rover Crew
Kerri-Anne Cornell Derek Foden Rover Crew
Ashley Fraser Cumoot Rover Crew
Rebecca Lucy Gibbs Alpha Theta Rover Crew
Andrew J. Hilditch Tarlow Rover Crew
Stephanie Koutes Hatfield Rover Crew
Daniel Lastovicka Hellsgate Rover Crew
Narelle Lowdell Bevan Trimble Rover Crew
James George Mansfield-Page 1st ANZA Rover Crew (Singapore)
Ashley Marks Many Waters Rover Crew
Britney McIlvain Craigieburn Rover Crew
Dale McIntosh Hec Sebire Rover Crew
Louise McKerlie Bevan Trimble Rover Crew
Matthew Minski Everest Le Page Rover Crew
Melissa Nicholls Manderson Rover Crew
Travis Nisbet Manderson Rover Crew
Emily Jane Parlby Birubi Rover Crew
Murray Paternoster Turbo Rover Crew
Lachlan Preston Kulin Rover Crew
Katie Elizabeth Privett Port Phillip Rover Crew
Jessica Purcell Delnigy Rover Crew
Owen James Ryan Flinders Petrie Rover Crew
Jacinta Kate Sapwell Bundaleer Rover Crew
Lisa Nicole van Meurs Boss Hurst Rover Crew
Caitlin Briana Wood John Gardiner Rover Crew
19th September 2015  
Ben Browning Tarwin Junction Rover Crew
Alice Csabi Lasseter Rover Crew
Jenna Denley Shepparton Rover Crew
Mark Lewis Alpha Theta Rover Crew
Kelsey Lockhart-Gillett Hellsgate Rover Crew
Adele Mepstead Cumoot Rover Crew
Helen Mortimer Mount Evelyn Rover Crew
Christina Neilsen Lasseter Rover Crew
Aidan Ritchie John Gardiner Rover Crew
Meghan Walton Aruma Rover Crew
4th October 2014  
Ashley Jane "Ferret" Comer Bulleen Rover Crew
Matthew Conway Ogilvy Rover Crew
Michael Egan Lasseter Rover Crew
Samantha Ferris Keith Farquhar Rover Crew
William Jephcott Surrey Thomas Rover Crew
Esther Lang Mount Evelyn Rover Crew
Catherine Paterson Keith Farquhar Rover Crew
Bradley Peters Birubi Rover Crew
Cherie Pickering Kurll's Own Rover Crew
30th November 2013  
Rachel Boyd Ria Warrah Rover Crew
Travis Grundell Boss Hurst Rover Crew
Erica Halliwell Wheelers Rover Crew
Mark Rashleigh John Gardiner Rover Crew
Jessica Watling Sugarloaf Rover Crew
8th December 2012:  
Tania Atkins Kurll's Own Rover Crew
Greg Dack Wiara Rover Crew
John Gillieron John Gardiner Rover Crew
Jessica Krammer Kurll's Own Rover Crew
Kathleen Pearce Lasseter Rover Crew
8th October 2011:  
David Costanzo Wiara Rover Crew
Rebecca Eliason Shepparton Rover Crew
Richard McCoy Alpha Theta Rover Crew
Mathew McKernan Berembong Rover Crew
Lisa Picking Delnigy Rover Crew
Carlie Ryan E.J. Chittick Rover Crew
Gordon Young Ken Tickell Rover Crew
2nd October 2010:  
Jessica Adkins Frank Moon Rover Crew
Sarah Jane Austin Berembong Rover Crew
Emma Cachia Bulleen Rover Crew
Robyn ‘Bobbie’ Gardner Lord Casey Rover Crew
Jennifer Dara McAleer Harrison Rover Crew
Benetia Sharrock John Gardner Rover Crew
3rd October 2009:  
Bianca Vincent Amaroo Rover Crew
Christopher Matthew Anderson Ettamogah Rover Crew
Jessica Dalmau E.J. Chittick Rover Crew
Rebecca Breuer E.J. Chittick Rover Crew
Kristen Knight Lasseter Rover Crew
Sally Waterman E.J. Chittick Rover Crew
4th October 2008:  
Elizabeth Smith Wilf Kendall Rover Crew
Andrew Johansen Jika Jika Rover Crew
Sarah Eulant Noble Wilf Kendall Rover Crew
Kathleen A. Sorrell Kurll’s Own Rover Crew
Mark Nathan Rosenberg Ria Warrah Rover Crew
27th October 2007:  
Miriam Beeby Ashanti-Kyeema Rover Crew
Alyssa Cornall Blackflats Rover Crew
Aaron Guild Craigieburn Rover Crew
William Gielewski Kerrabee Rover Crew
Elizabeth Hardy E.J. Chittick Rover Crew
Johanna Keenan Boss Hurst Rover Crew
Karena King Ben Hall Rover Crew
Phillip Leaman Kulamunga Rover Crew
Owen Studd Cumoot Rover Crew
7th October 2006:  
Scott W. Bourne Sir Dallas Brooks Rovers
Alan D. Harding Heathmont Rovers
Bronwyn L. Puttyfoot Cleve Cole Rovers
1st October 2005:  
Clare Maree Easdown Hatfield Rover Crew
Trevor Alexander Hall Hatfield Rover Crew
Melissa Louise Mazur Black Flats Rover Crew
2nd October 2004:  
Cameron Elliott Botherway E.J. Chittick Rover Crew
Catherine Anne Brumby Sir Dallas Brooks Rover Crew
Danielle Jane Cockerell Shepparton Rover Crew
Kylie A. Colbert Hatfield Rover Crew
Stacey Anne Cox Bevan Trimble Rover Crew
David A. Edelman Ria Warrah Rover Crew
Benjamin J. Eriksson Hatfield Rover Crew
Michelle C. Primmer Bevan Trimble Rover Crew
Aaron J.G. Sytema Kulamunga Rover Crew
Stuart K. Webster E.J. Chittick Rover Crew
4th October 2003:  
Michael Blowfield Macleay Rover Crew
Cameron Sean McMillan Kerrabee Rover Crew
Linda J. Merrall Heathmont Rover Crew
Lyn M. Sebire Keith Farquhar Rover Crew
5th October 2002:  
Lynda J. Bakes Alpha Theta Rover Crew
Helen Madill Delnigy Rover Crew
Bernice L. Mahoney E.J. Chittick Rover Crew
Letitia D. Okely Shepparton Rovers
Mathew C. Okely Shepparton Rovers
13th October 2001:  
Rodney N. Abson Bevan Trimble Rovers
Simon A. Birch Corhanwarrabul Rovers
Paul Grinzi Tarraleah Rover Crew
Elizabeth C. Haines Eric J. Stoneman Rovers
Mark David Perkins Bevan Trimble Rover Crew
Sarah E. Sloane Alpha Theta Rovers
Deanne R. Studd-Smith Cumoot Rover Crew
Jason Troy Keith Farquhar Rover Crew
Miranda E. Baillie-Martin Kulamunga Rover Crew
Robert J. Galea Gravbrot Rover Crew
Vivienne MacGibbon Lasseter Rover Crew
Robert McPherson Lasseter Rover Crew
Evan J. Maddock E.J. Chittick Rover Crew
Bruce D. Organ Kyneton Rover Crew
Lachlan Shield Keith Farquhar Rover Crew
Simon Robert White Kulamunga Rover Crew
3rd October 1999:  
Mark Armstrong Cleve Cole Rover Crew
Julie A. Corrigan Captain Hurley Rover Crew
Christopher B. Eagle Golden South Rover Crew
Andrew J. Hanley Heathmont Rover Crew
Andrew D. Livingston Mullumbimba Rover Crew
Peter Thomas Ryan Port Phillip Sea Rover Crew
Duncan J. White Hargrave Rover Crew
Dean C. Adams Henry Hurst Rover Crew
Jodie-Ann Bedford Sir George Knox Rover Crew
Kevin A. Bedford Sir George Knox Rover Crew
Robert L. Borthwick Yarrimbak Rover Crew
Darren C. Brain Wheelers Rover Crew
Georgina Susan Cheal John Gardner Rover Crew
Phillip C. Davenport Wheelers Rover Crew
Cheryl A. Edward Bevan Trimble Rover Crew
Amanda J. Freeman Keith Farquhar Rover Crew
Brett D. Godden Hellsgate Rover Crew
Nathan P. Guilieri Kyneton Rover Crew
Leanne Maree Howell Willinda Rover Crew
Rachel Thomas Yehudi Rover Crew
Jane Y. Trufitt-Clarke Willinda Rover Crew
Colin M. Cherry Wurundjeri Rover Crew
Melissa J. Duguid Sir Dallas Brooks Rover Crew
Calum Alexander Dyer Lasseter RoverCrew
Joanne L. Gale Bill Rutherford Rover Crew
Allison Patricia Haines Lasseter Rover Crew
Corey L. Howe Old Scotch Rover Crew
Michelle A. Johnson Wheelers Rover Crew
Susan L. Little Lord Casey Rover Crew
Glen A. Pendavingh Hargrave Rover Crew
Melissa Pullin Bill Rutherford Rover Crew
Brett M. Sleigh Lasseter Rover Crew
Michelle J. Ward Evans Rover Crew
Brendan James Watson Heathmont Rover Crew
5th October 1996:  
Elana R. Coleman Ria Warrah Rover Crew
Michael D. Hosemans Lord Casey Rover Crew
Shane D. Lockwood Dampier Sea Rover Crew
Richard J. Petrie Ria Warrah Rover Crew
Stuart Gaul Capstaff Rover Crew
Susannah R. Murray Cumoot Rover Crew
Paul James Smith Cumoot Rover Crew
Mark Symmons Capstaff Rover Crew
Robyn D. Adams Nillumbik Rover Crew
Shaun Lee Burke Lasseter Rover Crew
Kimberley Ann Mackieson Leichardt Rover Crew
Dale S. Sebire Hec Sebire Rover Crew
7th October, 1995:  
Roger C. Allison Hec Sebire Rover Crew
Anthony Denison Clark 11th Box Hill
Julie H. McAlister Willinda Rover Crew
Duncan B. McColl Kooranunda Rover Crew
Susan J. Hughes Yeldoah Rover Crew
Matthew H. Norton Arundel Rover Crew
Karl Heinrick Schultz Derrimut Rover Crew
Darren M. Johnson Wheelers Rover Crew
Timothy R. Orr Kooyongkoot Rover Crew
Malcolm W. Schackier Dampier Sea Rover Crew
Paul L. Smart 4th Glen Waverley
Margaret E. Huffer Newborough Rover Crew
Megan A. Stapleton Garfield Rover Crew
Mark Anthony Tuppen Notlimah Rover Crew
Nicole Pepperkamp 1st Greenhills
1st October 1994:  
Peter C. Blazek 1st/14th Brighton
Antonio Cipriano 1st/14th Brighton
Kirsten M. Luther A.B. Balcombe Rover Crew
Duncan B.J. Merrillees Lasseter Rover Crew
Craig R. Shankland Bungaree Rover Crew
2nd October 1993:  
Peter J. Fraser Hatfield Rover Crew
Julie-Anne Hartley Hargrave Rover Crew
Rohan G. Lee Newnham Rover Crew
Jon G. Franklin Birubi Rover Crew
Colin McEwan Buandik Rover Crew
3rd October 1992:  
Andrew K. Grigor 6th Frankston
Andrew Angus Johnson A.B. Balcombe Rover Crew
Carmel Lynch 1st Bennettswood
Chi Keen Low 2nd Carlton
Catherine M. White R.J. Schutt Rover Crew
Catherine R. Whan Willinda Rover Crew
Julie A. Chaplin 1st Upper Ferntree Gully
Michelle L. Guy Captain Hurley Rover Crew
Valerie Anne Slavin Ben Hall Rover Crew
5th October 1991:  
Fiona S.M. Beckwith 2nd Carlton
Carmel Therese Rankin 1st Malvern
Craig G. Whan 1st/2nd Greensborough
Jacqueline M. Whan 1st/2nd Greensborough
David J. Norton Tarwin Junction Rover Crew
4th May 1991:  
Antony P. Falkingham 1st Mordialloc
Anita J. Molnar 4th Croydon
Wayne Joseph Morrow 4th Croydon
William Robert Jacomb 3rd Melbourne
Harold L. Prefol 2nd Carlton
Ross S. Elliott 1st Ivanhoe
Cameron D. Mackrill 3rd Doncaster
Deidre E.M. Toal 1st Eltham
6th October 1990:  
Phillip G. Doherty Wodonga Rover Crew
Kevin John Hutchinson-Bush Ashanti Rover Crew
Ashley David Meddings 1st Werribee
Craig S. Popplestone Derrimut Rover Crew
5th May 1990:  
John A. Douglas 1st Paynesville
Craig R. De La Rue Barak Rover Crew
Sharen Louise Job Hargrave Rover Crew
Josephine L. Peterson Hargrave Rover Crew
Bruce D. Paroissien Tarlow Rover Crew
7th October 1989:  
Katherina F. Hart Hec Sebire Rover Crew
Kenneth G. Hart Hec Sebire Rover Crew
Sue E. Agnew 11th Knox
Walter A. Berger 3rd Greensborough
Wesley Paul Jolley 2nd Doncaster West
Desmond Michael Toal 1st Eltham
6th May 1989:  
Mark Andrew Williams Ben Hall Rover Crew
Craig K. Cheetham Ballantrae Rover Crew
Robert Hain Yandina Rover Crew
John R. Noonan 4th Mordialloc
Lyn A. Gibson Bill Rutherford Rover Crew
Andrew Robert Haines Lasseter RoverCrew
Darren G. McQueen R.J. Schutt Rover Crew
Curtis Samuel Bounds 1st Glen Waverley
Bryan Farrow Oliver Rover Crew
Russell J. Lang R.B. O’Neale Rover Crew
Lorraine B. Kelly Killibinbin Rover Crew
1st October 1988:  
Gary D. George Ben Hall Rover Crew
Geoffrey A. McLeod Mahogany Rover Crew
Linda Meyers 1st Mordialloc
Donald A. Daniel 1st Burwood
Paul R. Currie 1st Chadstone
14th May 1988:  
Antony L. Donnan 2nd Caulfield
Mark Kendt Rushdale Rover Crew
Craig McL. Young 10th Malvern
Peter Chaplin 1st Upper Ferntree Gully
Craig A. Olsen 5th Brighton
Trevor James Krohn Akoona Rover Crew
John W. Leahy 2nd Coburg
10th October 1987:  
David John Brace Evans Rover Crew
Gregory James Andrews Tarlow Rover Crew
Geoffrey K. Baudinette Tarwin Junction Rover Crew
Andrew D. Stewart Mitchell River Rover Crew
Craig Rodney Pitt Kara Kara Rover Crew
Marcelle L. Hogan Notlimah Rover Crew
Fiona C. Millar Terra Nova Sea Rover Crew
Bryan D. Roberts Cerberus Rover Crew
Stephen J. Carter Barak Rover Rover Crew
Leslie O. Tulloch Ken Tickell Rover Crew
Peter Hawker 1st Pomponderoo Rover Crew
Peta Carter 4th Mordialloc
May 1987:  
Michelle L. Beales Rushdale Rover Crew
Frank D. Dart 3rd Mulgrave
Greg Lucas Jones 1st Myrtleford
Trevor J. Kinsey Ettamogah Rover Crew
Craig McMillan 2nd Cheltenham
Peter J. Milley 1st St Arnaud
Mike Spencer Bill Waters Rover Crew
Colin R. U’ren 1st Chadstone
4th October 1986:  
Glenn I.G. Gillett Bill Waters Rover Crew
Mark D. Hughes Jika Jika Rover Crew
Clifford E. Meyer William Bennett Rover Crew
Pam J. Whiteroad Jika Jika Rover Crew
3rd May 1986:  
Trevor H. Smith Strathavon Rover Crew
Richard J.A. Pennington W.V. Lloyd Rover Crew
Rodney Mark Wood Greensborough Rover Crew
5th October 1985:  
Michael J. Worth Cerberus Rover Crew
Cheryl A. Garside HEC Sebire Rover Crew
Wayne Motton Evans Rover Crew
Christopher I. Beales Rushdale Rover Crew
4th May 1985:  
William J. Polan Bunerong Rover Crew
Richard I. Reid Glass Street Rover Crew
Robert Bruce Cherry Ben Hall Rover Crew
Deborah A. Andrews Ettamogah Rover Crew
Annette J. Kelly Ettamogah Rover Crew
Peter R. Nicholl Lasseter Rover Crew
Gregory A. Parsons Wilf Kendall Rover Crew
13th October 1984:  
Ian C. Trost Stuarts Rover Crew
Janet B. O’Connor Jika Jika Rover Crew
Gregory M. Farrell 1st Paynesville
Liz Mendoza Surrey Thomas Rover Crew
Keith David Hill Derrimut Rover Crew
5th May 1984:  
Kent A. Cochran Coonimbal Rover Crew
Stephen J. Condron Evans Rover Crew
David E. Ellis 3rd Altona
Richard W. Kings 10th Ivanhoe
Peter D. Gonshor 1st East Bentleigh
1st October 1983:  
Gregory P. Cross Bungaree Rover Crew
Doug G. Privett Truganina Rover Crew
David Grant Splatt Untama Rover Crew
Jeffrey A. Latter Ogilvy Rover Crew
Kimberley A. Wells 1st Paynesville
7th May 1983:  
Eric D. Absalom A.B. Balcombe Rover Crew
Mark L. Boxer Evans Rover Crew
Steven M. Warrington Kula Kara Rover Crew
Greig Wanless Greensborough Rover Crew
Stephen J. Brown 2nd Fairfield (Doutagalla R.C.)
Stephen Waddell 1st Upper Ferntree Gully
9th October 1982:  
John R. Robinson Dechaineaux Rover Crew
Robert Motton Evans Rover Crew
Craig S. McAuliffe Delnigy Rover Crew
Bruce R. Pyke Centenary Rover Crew
1st May 1982:  
Nicholas C. Wallis Holloway Sea Rover Crew
Gary J. Bourton Wawoorong Rover Crew
Geoffrey M. Selton Hellsgate Rover Crew
Fiona M. Skerrett Wawoorong Rover Crew
John W. Lanfranchi 1st Paynesville
3rd October 1981:  
John Wayne Parr Cerberus Rover Crew
Geoffrey Douglas Caddick Derrimut Rover Crew
Clifford Leslie Ogleby Evans Rover Crew
Rodney Dux Quirindi Rover Crew
Michael Robert Farrell Blackflats Rover Crew
Norman B. Skyring Centenary Rover Crew
Trevor J. Gerdsen Bruce Tuff Rover Crew
2nd May 1981:  
Anthony R.M. Davis 3rd Central Moorabbin
Graham D. Foley 5th Brighton
Barrie P. Jones 5th North Moorabbin/Bentleigh
Aram Joukadjian 5th North Moorabbin/Bentleigh
Ian F.H. Lancaster 5th North Moorabbin/Bentleigh
Neal W. Smith 6th North Moorabbin/McKinnon
Ross D. Smith 2nd Central Moorabbin
William G. Henley 1st Bennettswood
Bruce R. Kendall 1st Werribee
Kelvin J. Douglass Mahogany Rover Crew
Ian R. Pike Mahogany Rover Crew
Peter R. Rauert Mahogany Rover Crew
Maurice L. Reid Mahogany Rover Crew
11th October 1980:  
Kevan O’Leary 3rd Altona/Kororoit Rovers
Jeffrey C. Crowley 1st Mulgrave
Stephen J. Robertson 4th Caulfield
Shane M. Milroy 1st Upwey
3rd May 1980:  
Geoffrey Robert Daniel 1st North Moorabbin
Colin John Kinsey 2nd North Moorabbin
Robert John Vernon 4th Mordialloc
13th October 1979:  
John A. Ferguson 6th Coburg
Judith A. Hammond 1st Toorak
Robert A. Scovell 1st Toorak
Mark H. Stafford 1st Toorak
5th May 1979:  
John S. E. Berwick 8th Brighton Beach
Robert E. West 1st Albert Park
Simon H. Constable 2nd Oakleigh
Robert A. McDougall 4th Caulfield
7th October 1978:  
Ross A. Brown 5th North Moorabbin
John L. Clark 1st Frankston
Wayne S. Dobell 1st Highett/10th Cheltenham
Roderic J. Phillips 8th Brighton Beach
Geoffrey E. Secker 7th Blackburn
Stephen J. Fuller 1st Olympic Village
13th May 1978:  
Jeffrey Kevin Gardner 1st North Moorabbin
David Whittington 5th North Moorabbin
Allan P. Stansfield 4th Glen Waverley
Darryl Norman Bellman 3rd Warrnambool
David James Morse 2nd Warrnambool
1st October 1977:  
Stephen A. Brackenridge 4th Oakleigh
Malcolm D. Paul 1st Upper Ferntree Gully
Donald I. Watson 1st Victorian Sea Scouts
7th May 1977:  
Trevor B. Basford 1st Strathmore
Paul J. Croton 1st Dallas
Paul F. Ford 3rd North Moorabbin
Thomas N. Glass 1st Beaumaris
John J. King 1st Dallas
Douglas B. Proud 1st Sunshine
David N. Scott 2nd Fairfield
Ian F. Smith 1st Dallas
Ian G. Whiteroad 1st Reservoir
Neville E. Williams 2nd West Geelong
Brian J. Woolacott 1st Reservoir
John W. Gwynne 2nd Warrnambool
2nd October 1976:  
Michael D. Barr 4th Brighton Beach
Peter G. Blake 6th Ringwood
Kenneth B. Corben 3rd Mordialloc
Terrence M. Dean 1st Mount Martha
Anthony W. French 3rd/8th Oakleigh
Michael J. Jacovou 1st Mornington
Paul D. Mark 4th Brighton Beach
Rowan F. Miller 1st Mount Martha
Gavin M. Ryan 3rd/8th Oakleigh
Andrew J. Twining 1st Northcote
Detlev Vorkauf 1st Norlane
8th May 1976:  
John C. Beverin 14th Malvern
Leslie Peter Delbridge 2nd Northcote
Murray J. Finlay 14th Malvern
Warren L. Williams 4th Northcote
4th October 1975:  
Neil W. Barnett 1st Springvale
Peter L. Evans 15th Malvern
17th May 1975:  
Timothy J. Buttle 1st Greesnborough
Denis M. Boothey 17th Box Hill North
Bruce R. Wilson 17th Box Hill North
Graham F. Wilson 2nd Orbost
Gary J. Timmerman 4th Glen Waverley
5th October 1974:  
Keith J. Bell 1st Stratford
Neville K. Dance 3rd Warrnambool
William J. Morse 2nd Warrnambool
Geoffrey J. Pearson 4th Warrnambool
Ian Smith 2nd Fairfield
Allan Tilley 2nd Springvale
8th June 1974:  
Neil L. Ireland 6th Coburg
Wilhemus M. Kuilboer 3rd Hamilton
Howard Boyd 2nd Fairfield
Graeme L. Burgess 2nd Fairfield
John J. Watson 2nd Fairfield
Geoffrey N. Phillips 8th Brighton Beach
6th October 1973:  
David R. Rashleigh 1st Camberwell South
Geoffrey M. Crombie 2nd Chelsea
Edward L. Pitfield 1st Norlane
May 1973:  
Ronald Reed 1st Camberwell South
Kenneth Winn 1st Seaford
Geoffrey Maxwell 3rd Brunswick
Paul Phillips 3rd Brunswick
Graeme Brown 4th Brunswick
Leonard Carrington 4th Brunswick
Peter Crombie 2nd Chelsea
Klaus Witthaus 3rd Norlane
7th October 1972:  
Paul Albert Schafer 2nd Hampton
Christopher Green 9th South Box Hill
Christopher Jeffrey Perriman 2nd Camberwell Central
David Michael Healey 4th Williamstown
Peter Millington 2nd Fairfield
John Edward Chandler 1st Newborough
Michael J. Rohde 1st Bendigo
6th May 1972:  
Ian M. Harding 1st Essendon
Theodore W. Read 3rd Brunswick
John D. Trevillian 4th Ivanhoe
2nd October 1971:  
Geoffrey M. Hunter 2nd Moorabbin
Robert H. Glass 10th Sandringham
Ian McCluskey 2nd Moorabbin
Peter R. Rickards 6th Prahran
Raymond C. Thomson 6th Prahran
1st May 1971:  
Geoffrey N. Farmer 10th Malvern
Basil J. Lovell 2nd Camberwell North
Keith A. Needham 11th Caulfield
Richard P. Yeoman 9th South Box Hill
Russell Crosser 3rd North Moorabbin
Phillip Hutton 11th North Moorabbin
Roger McCluskey 2nd South Moorabbin
Norman Myers 2nd South Moorabbin
David Backholer 10th Sandringham
A.J. Crombie 2nd Chelsea
R. Yeoman 9th Box Hill
Chris Green 9th Box Hill
Robert Glass 10th Sandringham
Ian McCluskey 2nd Moorabbin
Ian Hill 4th Footscray
Jim Brighthope 3rd Chelsea
Donald McIntosh 3rd Chelsea
Richard Gales 2nd Camberwell North
Peter Mason 7th North Moorabbin
Terrill Mason 7th North Moorabbin
Bruce Melen 5th Chelsea
Ronald Garner 1st Frankston
I. Lockart 1st Camberwell Central
David Rosefield 1st Camberwell Central
Ronald Ballingall 8th Coburg
Lance Baker 2nd Dandenong
Douglas Henporath 3rd Oakleigh
Robbie Ven Der Wilk 1st Belmont
James Ritchie Alexander 2nd Dandenong
Robert Stevens 1st Camberwell
Roger Pither 1st Camberwell
William Smith 2nd Camberwell
David Cannon 2nd Camberwell
Alan Stanborough 2nd Oakleigh
Alan Neal 1st Springvale
Lindsay Milton 1st Springvale
William Evers 1st Springvale
Stephen Kemp 3rd Croydon
Peter Grogan 1st Waverley
Russell Respini 5th Nunawading
Bruce Paterson 1st Allansford
Lynton Butcher 1st Essendon
John Stevens 1st Camberwell
Graeme Wilson 1st/2nd Glenroy
John Ravenhall 2nd Strathmore
Bob Hill 4th Caulfield


Lisa Nicole van Meurs  Lis