Rovers Victoria

This information is designed to assist crews in what is required when registering a new member to your crew.

All New Members to your Crew joining “off the street”, must complete an Online Membership Application.  You will also need to have obtained a Working With Children’s Check (WWC) Card before applying for membership. You need to provide a scan of WWC Card and submit it as per the instructions during the Online Membership Application. Group Leaders administer the Invitation process for new Rovers:

  • Contact the group leader, with the following details of the new member:
    • First Name and Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender (Female, Male or Undisclosed)
    • A valid email address for the new member

The prospective member will receive an invitation email with a link, this link is active for 10 days. Applications can be saved if the prospective member wishes to return later. Each entry into the application provides an additional 5 days to complete the membership application to a maximum of 30 days.

At the conclusion of filling in the online form, the Group Leader recommends the membership to be activated. At this point, the membership will be finalised and activated by the Membership Support Team once the prospective members Working with Children Check Card has been received by Membership Support and validated.

Invitations to join Scouting are arranged by the Group Leader of the group where the prospective Rover will be joining. If your crew is hosting the member from another Group, you will need to request the invitation from the Group Leader of the prospective member's home Group.

If you are having any issues with the process please contact your Group Leader, District Commissioner, or your friendly local Rover Commissioner.

If you pay cash or cheque for any of the fees or items above, obtain a receipt and ensure you keep it in your records. If there is an issue with the registration, this is your protection to prove you are registered.

Former Venturer Scouts

Linking Venturer Scouts turning 18 will be emailed and mailed a letter from Scouts Victoria. This letter outlines the following:

  • Requesting the Venturer Scout to apply for and submit a scan of their Working with Children Card to Scouts Victoria Membership Support
  • Completing the Mandatory Adult Training Modules for Workplace Health and Safety and Child Safe Scouting
  • Transferring their CareMonkey Profile from their parents/guardian to them
  • A link to “MyRecord”, which enables the linking Venturer to agree to the Adult Code of Conduct, Child Protection Policy and other Adult Policies and importantly updating their contact details.