Rovers Victoria

This information is designed to assist crews in what is required when registering a new member to your crew.

All New Members to your Crew, whether they are joining “off the street”, linking from Venturers or moving from another Crew must fill in a new Membership Form. This is to ensure that the most accurate information is kept at all times.

All New Crew members must apply through the Scouts Victoria website

The following sections of the A1 Form do not need to be filled in by Rovers:

  • The two Referee’s
  • Assigning a PLA

All other sections of the A1 Membership Form must be filled in correctly for a member to join your crew. You will also need to have obtained a Working With Children’s Check (WWC) Card before applying for membership. You need to provide a photocopy of your WWC Card with the A1 Form.

  • This form needs to be lodged with the relevant Group Leader for that member. If your crew is hosting the member from another Group, it needs to go to the member's home Group.

If you are having any issues with paperwork please contact your Group Leader, or your friendly local Rover Commissioner.

Why do I need to fill in a new form if I'm already part of Scouting?

There are many reasons why you need to fill in a new form, here are some of the:

  • This ensures that the latest personal information such as their address, email address and phone number are up to date.
  • Typically, a Venturer has their parent's information listed because previously they were under 18.
  • This ensures they receive the latest Victorian Rovers news and additionally to ensure we have their details since they are now responsible for their own records and details

If you pay cash or cheque for any of the fees or items above, obtain a receipt and ensure you keep it in your records. If there is an issue with the registration, this is your protection to prove you are registered.