Rovers Victoria


Presentation of the award to the winning Rover Crew, is made at the annual "Uniform Night" of the Baden Powell Lodge. The uniform night is held in February to commemorate the founders birthday. There are usually over 100 Freemasons and non Freemasons in attendance including representatives of past winning Rover Crews.

One of the aims of the Lodge is to support and foster Scouting in a variety of ways. Many Lodge members are active Scouters and most have been involved as Scouters over many years. Freemasonry is a "perfect fit" with Scouting, because many Scouting ideals parallel those of Freemasonary.

Lord Baden-Powell was not a Freemason, although he held Masonic principles in high regard, so much so, that he inscribed the Lodge's Volume of Sacred Law when he visited Australia for the Frankston Jamboree in 1934.


The Baden Powell Lodge is a Masonic Lodge formed over 70 years ago by Scouting people for Scouting people.

The presentation of the Rover Service Award is held in an atmosphere of colour, pageantry, fellowship and finishing with a rousing "Camp Fire" led by an experienced camp fire leader. For Scouting people, Freemasons and non Freemasons, this is an evening to be included in their diary's each year.

The Head of Freemasonry Victoria, the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria, and the Chief Commissioner of Scouts Australia, Victorian Branch both usually attend and assist with the presentations.

The nomination form can be downloaded here.