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The National Rover Service Award is known in Victoria as the WF Waters Rover Service Award. It is one of Scouts Australia's Adult Recognition Awards and awards are made by the Victorian Rover Council on the nomination of Regions, Crews, Subcommittees and individuals each year.

This award is open to all Rovers and Rover Advisers with nominations accepted from anyone in Scouting, outside of the Rover Section.

This award is designed to recognise those individuals who have done something exceptional to benefit the Crew or Scouting. It may be someone who has organised a hugely successful District or Group event. They can be nominated by Region Commissioners, District Commissioners, Group Leaders, Leaders within the Scout Group or anyone else in Scouting who is not a Rover or Rover Advisor.

This award is for Rovers who have provided outstanding service to Scouting or Rovering.

They may have contributed to a one off event or a series of events. For example, a Rover may have been an integral part of a hugely successful District or Group Event, or perhaps they are the Rover who just always commits that 110% to everything your crew does.

Encouraging service to the Scout Movement and the community is the prime objective of the Rover Service Award. The award is made on the recommendation of the Branch Rover Council, to the Crew who gains the highest number of "Crew Hours" in completing service projects within the Scout Movement and the Community.

The Baden Powell Scout Award (BPSA) is the highest Scouting award available to Youth in Australia. This Award is designed to challenge and test all who set out to achieve this prestigious Award. It takes into consideration the Aim of Scouting, to encourage the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Spiritual Character Development of young people.

The National Rover Council runs an annual competition aimed at encouraging Rovers to go and have "adventures". This adventure needn’t necessarily be a journey or quest, adventure is anything that allows you to develop or challenge yourself. The Rover section is fortunate in the fact that it can provide its members with the ability to go and have autonomous adventures that normally wouldn’t be possible in younger sections.